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@onlineherbalist Interesting take on fat solubility, for turmeric (Jiang Huang) is used in Chinese medicine water d…
RT @splinter_news: These young Native men were at risk of suicide––then the #NoDAPL fight at Standing Rock gave them a new sense of purpose…
Hydroponics can't be truly organic b/c it removes soil from its ecosystem.
So many unique and expressive homes. This is one of my favorites. #minimalism
Let's see if he blocks or tariffs the hell out of this Chinese import. A car called 'Trumpchi.' smh.
Since everyone else is screaming for special attention, may as well do a shout out for #AsianAmericans.
∅ Darjeeling 2nd Flush 2017 harvest due to civil unrest. So stocking up. Taylors: pure 2nd flush; Twinings: flush blend, and earthier. #tea
Three-Mile Island accident was in '79. Since then, nuclear plants have operated safely. Fear of nuclear waste is b/…
Nice reference for pairing tonics and gin.
@onlineherbalist Know of a good source, incl cert of analysis?
RT @mrmedina: we dead
Ramen(!) restaurant. Biz model: eat alone in a 'flavor-concentration booth'; 'zero interaction'. #MindfulEating is…
@eRiKtheEeL Great point, Erik. Theory: strengthen stability. Risk: strain accessory mm.; neglect the true stabilizer mm.
#NowReading Lars Emmerich. Brilliant viewpoint in novel: skills training is the most effective form of indoctrination, above preaching.
RT @smwhughes: Can I offer you a video ripe with econonmic allegory this crisp monday morning?
Yaupon is "America's Camellia sinensis." The tea has caffeine and theobromine (like green tea), without the astring…
Disruption in publishing now includes a project to build a scholarly commons...
Breakfast gin! Adds Earl Grey tea to the juniper lineup.
Valley Fever has been misdiagnosed as pneumonia, tuberculosis or lung cancer.

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