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RT @originalmarkz: "When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny." - Thomas Jeff…
RT @Boohiney122: We stand with righteousness, and the ones who support the righteous cause in DC. Our voices rise...#wearethepeople 088
RT @sewoncreation: we have more than 20 Dinarians to do Twitter again. #wearethepeople
RT @Plowing_Through: Tony - We are ready when you are!! @THE_TNT_TEAM #wearethepeople
RT @sewoncreation: We are giving support to those doing what is right #wearethepeople
RT @wig911: We are TNT ready to support our DC friends!!!!#wearethepeople
RT @GWH1965: We are the people and we are with the people in DC Supporting us,I am ready to get my people now to help support you #wearethe…
RT @Doreenhappyday: #wearethepeople ARE READY TO SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT US!!! #wearethepeople 152
RT @walkerc29: #wearethepeople Tony I can bring five people to support the effort!
RT @Doreenhappyday: #wearethepeople ARE READY TO SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT US!!! #wearethepeople 150
RT @rvinco: @THE_TNT_TEAM I am ready. I have 5-10 people ready to support everyone who is supporting us. #wearethepeople
RT @Doreenhappyday: #wearethepeople ARE READY TO SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT US!!! #wearethepeople 155
RT @Firehawkman: @THE_TNT_TEAM Thanks, Tony, DC, and intel team members for your integrity on behalf of #wearethepeople worldwide
RT @gcochranfnp: #wearethepeople support those that support us with positive energy #wearethepeople
RT @Followt52916609: #wearethepeople ready to support
RT @Robiner160: I Will Support•*¨*•♫♥ Those Who Are Supporting Us •*¨*•♫♥ I VALUE Their Support I STAND AT THE READY •*¨*•♫♥ #WEARETHEPEOPL…
RT @Props2000: Tony #wearethepeople are ready to help those in DC that are helping us by bringing 5 to 10 people on board to help.

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