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I'm sorry I'm not good enough for this
RT @sixthformpoet: It must be terrible being the last banana in a bunch, seeing your friends stripped and eaten one by one, your own health…
RT @chrissyteigen: my point. my point here is. i am drinking
RT @chrissyteigen: were. what if. what. if. it were.
RT @chrissyteigen: what if. what. if. the fatty shit was healthy and the healthy shit was fatty. makes u think
RT @miascorral: I might get annoyed w my little brother sometimes but I'm soooo glad that he doesn't act the way some kids his age do
RT @Lin_Manuel: Yep. This'll be a 30 hour day. #GratefulGratefulGrateful
gosling arpeggio
RT @Lin_Manuel: Do not give me a trenchcoat for your photo shoot if you do not want I-wish-I-were-Gene-Kelly moves
RT @CauseWereGuys: Tiny Trump is currently my favorite meme
RT @Achapphawk: Acting polite does not mean you are polite.
RT @JennaArnold: Beautiful assortment of kick a** Muslim female athletes who we'd all be lucky to have on our turf #IAmAMuslimToo https://t…
RT @markiplier: $110,000 raised for St Jude! I'm so impressed by each and every one of you. Never stop being a force for good in the world.
RT @unsmokabIe: how i sleep knowing i'm gonna die one day vs. how i sleep knowing my dog is gonna die one day
RT @memeprovider: Four new born yellow lab puppies for sale, only letting them go to good homes. Dm me if you're interested…
RT @ltsKermit: me: *gets anxious over nothing* me: wait this is stupid everything is fine me: wait me: but what if its not
RT @cupc8kess: kind of really don't like the sadies theme

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I love nature, gardening, living in the forest, and making pottery. Vince and I live in a converted bus off the grid. We have 6 cats.

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