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wat is the one thing that you want to achieve before you turn a year older? interesting to know what you all are wanting in the next 12mths
i am looking for suppliers from india who sell or manufacture indian clothing. if that is you can you please DM me ASAP. thanks
I just joined the Virtual Assistants Group Twitter Group http://tgr.me/g/virtualassistant so stop by and see us. #virtualassistant
RT @kirsty_wilson well done Kirsty. happy tweeting.
Hi @mistygirlph: Found you through @MrTweet. thought to say hi and hopefully make good friends
just a thort that came to my head as a clients bank rec wasnt reconciling and the comparison popped up. ok back to work i go :)
we work with numbers everyday trying to balance the books and figures yet our lives fall out of balance and we keep moving forward.
mmmm..life is like numbers, if one digit is out you whole life is out of balance. interesting isnt it!
Its BAS time again. should start up a BAS jingle....:)))) clients are starting to panic now. everyone wants a piece of me
morning to all. weather is a bit crappy today but life is good. going to do some chores and get kids organised. have a great day.
am feeling bad. been sick with the flu :(( hopefully should feel better soon.
Working hard as you can see :)) Great weather in sydney today so work is taking just a tad longer.