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Just got two Addiction specialists to weigh in on "Should Marijuana be Legalized" ..interesting opinions!
Looking for drug policy experts. Please contact me if you know anyone - / @nym
Catholic archbishop tries to prevent raped 9yr old girl w/twins from having an #abortion. What's your position? #tcot
"Amount DEA Spent in 2008 on Marijuana Criminalization Enforcement: 10 billion dollars" Should it still be illegal? #tcot
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #debate #politics #change
$19 billion dedicated to improving national Health Care IT infrastructure. Is health care a fundamental human right?
Blackwater picks up $22 million from state dept while Federal govt sues contractor for shooting. S:
US Atty General says Justice Dept. has no plans to raid Medical Marijuana dispensaries in states like CA. Source:
Teen births up, abortions down. Average number of children per woman: 2.1. 40% of all births out of wedlock. Source:
Check this article out then weigh in your opinion at Addictive Personality says a mother can be "A female person who is pregnant", but Merriam Webster is vague "a female parent". #abortion #mother
When is a woman a mother? Reader Jennifer says "A woman is not a mother by definition until she gives birth." What do you think?
Interested in Abortion, Health Care, Mercenary Forces, or Marijuana? We want to hear from you -> Pls DM comments - Gala & I drew this on the whiteboard today. Hoping to get my brother Jay to make us a real sign at #techshop soon
Added images to our featured issues! More updates coming soon. Things are getting busy.
We got a new logo! Thank you Sallynec5 from 99designs ( ) for the lovely new design. It looks great!
Stop the Spin is open to the public - please sign up and send me your feedback!
Just launched #design contest for a new logo for Stop the Spin at at
Added three latin america ex president opinions to's Issue Tree on Marijuana from CNN's article
Working on a new design for and trying to get feedback on Mercenary Forces, Abortion, and Marijuana. DM me for an invite.

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