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Article by APN grantee Duncan Omanga looks at @Chiefkariuki's use of Twitter as a tool for community policing #Kenya
.@DSDProgram fellow Kevin Edmonds on the World Trade Organization and the liberalization of Caribbean drug laws
RT @ImmanentFrame: "What is #ttQuran? #ttQuran is not a revelation from God, but is a revelation for me, @islamoyankee."…
RT @LATimesFreshInk: Race, ethnicity big factors in quality of life,@SSRC_org study finds. @flyboygraphics data-visualizes the disparities …
RT @negaratduke: “Twitter, scripture and practice: A twessay on #ttQuran” by Hussein Rashid. #digitalreligion
How you can apply entrepreneurial principles to graduate school via @GradHacker #phdchat
What's the best way to prepare for an on-campus interview? Tips from @chronicle
.@StabilityJrnl article by APN grantee Duncan Omanga looks at @Chiefkariuki's use of @twitter for community policing
Do you have a version control system for your files? via @ProfHacker
RT @NewSchoolCPS: @SSRC_org #AiWeiwei #ShirinNeshat on censorship, prison and exile @#FearOfArtConference FREE @TheNewSchool Feb 12-13 http…
"This is not the first time that American academe has been faulted for insufficient internationalization."
New series at @ImmanentFrame on #Religion and #DigitalCulture, topics so far include digitization and gaming
RT @brunobechara: Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship — Fellowships & Grants — Social Science Research Council
RT @vskath: Anxieties Of Democracy: The Democracy Papers | Social Science Research Council [Essays] via @sharing4goo…
RT @Prof_Kennedy: I'm delighted, @SaskiaSassen, my rvu worked 4u! @SSRC_org @wef @ssrc @opensociety_org Today: http:…
Seoul in Quandary over Anti-NK Leaflets | SSRC's Leon Sigal comments for @koreatimes
RT @MartinRuhs: "@SSRC_org: The “Wild West” of Academic Publishing via @HarvardMagazine" - long but very good read
RT @FSIStanford: On Jan. 21, @SSRC_org president Ira Katznelson will discuss the origins of the modern U.S. security state:…
The “Wild West” of Academic Publishing via @HarvardMagazine
Amid Threats, Duke Moves Muslim Call to Prayer via @nytimes

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