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SHSU-The Woodlands Center classes are cancelled for the day. The main SHSU campus remains open. Use common sense about traveling.
An SHSU student reported that he was robbed at gunpoint in the Raven Village parking lot on Jan. 20. Details at
A Motor Vehicle Theft at Raven Village has been reported to UPD. The vehicle was entered into the state's stolen files database.
RT @SamHoustonState: It's a beautiful day for some Bearkat football, as the team arrives for today's game. #SamatSemis #SHSU…
RT @juliamay29: A truck was stolen from SHSU on Dec. 1. Secure your vehicle and report any thing unusual to UPD at 936.294.1800. https://t.…
President's speaker on breaking barriers: Go for it. People who tell you can't or you won't are the ones who are most afraid that you will.
#SHSU's Today@Sam is celebrating its 20th anniversary today!
Set up for tonight's #Sammypalooza is under way...there's already been a Panic! sighting! #shsu #behindthescenes
Gerald Irons on his wife as his inspiration: "cleaned up" grades and behavior so she would take him home to meet her parents. #SHSU
Gerald Irons on importance of integrity: son gave $5k prize money to Woodlands HS scholarships after getting full ride to Notre Dame.
Gerald Irons told John Madden he couldn't come to NFL mini camp b/c he had an accounting test. #SHSU #dedicatedtoeducation
Gerald Irons: dad didn't want him to play college ball, afraid he'd get hurt; mom wanted to see him sack QBs, so he played! #SHSU
From "F+" student to NFL player to law school grad to #SHSU speaker, Gerald Irons shares his life with Dr Hoyt.
Irons: 14 lb baby, born in his parents' bedroom (as youngest of 7)...doc gave parents his scale! #SHSU #presspeaker
"If you tell someone your plans and they don't tell you your plans are impossible, your dreams aren't big enough." -Gerald Irons #SHSU
#SHSU Pres Speaker Gerald Irons talks about the importance of listening as a prequel to today's talk at the GPAC.
SHSU will test the campus mass notification system at 10:55 a.m. on Feb. 3. This includes sirens, email, texts, phones, and desktop alerts.
RT @BearkatSports: Tomorrow's game time has been moved up to 12:30. Visit for more information.…
Power will be off in Belvin-Buchanan, Elliot, Austin Hall, Peabody, & Margaret Lea Houston due to fallen tree section. Repairs are underway.

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