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Traffic offensives should not be taken lightly. Go here, to help prepare yourself.
No one should have to put up with discrimination in the work place. Go here, for help.
A DUI can be overwhelming for anyone. Go here, to ensure that you're taking the right steps
If you have been involved in an accident while riding your bicycle go here, to know your options.
If you have been involved in a construction zone accident you have options. Click for answers.
If you are facing felony charges, here are the first few steps you should take
Just met with reiter. Asked me to attend gay rights rally this weekend. Will be there with dog and baby in tow
Go here, to learn more about what to expect at a DMV hearing in Denver and throughout Colorado
What is Assault & Battery in Colorado, click here for some answers:
If you are ever stopped by the police before you speak to them, speak to your attorney.
WHen you are charged with a crime it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately.
DUI Laws have changed in Colorado. Govt blood test used to be only one that mattered. C Courts have decided defendents retest is important

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