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@iChris For complex setups, auto-connections can sometime require re-arranging other blocks. Get in touch via…
@ThisIntLife @theDanielJLewis Hey, both of you! 🤐
@FrazlCast @Barfolomew_CTR @WorgenBMHunter Well, WE certainly don’t mind 8)
Telecommuting for Beginners
We recently posted Airfoil for Mac 5.6.2 + Fission 2.3.3, both with small fixes. Additional updates for 10.13 are in progress - stay tuned.
@mattmoakcom We can’t really suggest specific settings for audio effects - it’s up to your ears. That said, we can…
@MrLordMatthew Always like that 8)
@MrLordMatthew Short A: Neither. Mute applies when the virtual device is actively capturing audio. We can help work…
@jakeobsen Audio Hijack 3 is not scriptable at this time. Use to discuss what you’re looking to do in depth!
@Frazleytastic Glad we can assist!
@Cloud9OnlineUK Very cool! 👍
@MrLordMatthew @steve228uk If the OS itself can only see one at a time, then the same will be true for us. If two (…
@MrLordMatthew @steve228uk It’s possible Yetis specifically have some bug with the OS itself, but Audio Hijack abso…
@Aud_iOS And it’s been up for almost two months! 8)
@chriskrycho Sessions are where it’s at!
@dennislaumen It’s certainly under consideration - we’ll see what happens in the future.
@steve228uk Sure - you can use two (or more) identical devices, just have to make sure you’re addressing the right…
@Tarendai @johnthegeo :) Also, eww!
@philbowell Reach out for assistance:
Licenses are user-based (that's you), not machine-based. You can install on multiple Macs you own:…

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