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This guy is funny.
Wut a gr8 do! Mazel tov Jess & Jay! So #LetsGetMarReid17
@RSPutt Interesting that my DM (direct message) got favored by a 3rd person...fine with me, did not think poss...I'll ask @besttofollowme
@RSPutt Thanks Bob. Looking forward to signing up for NJ's most dynamic networking group tomorrow. :-)
Hello @Amtrack. Please advise status of trains arriving around 6:00 pm to Newark Penn, from DC on 3/14 re snowstorm. Thx #Amtrack
@MeirJa you gotta at least give the Iranians credit for reaching out & writing in Hebrew.
Thanks for getting back to me @VZWSupport I did manage to get through on the phone.
@verizon I need help with my phone service pls. Can't get through to an operator.
@WhiteHouse , please allow Kurds into our country. They were mistakenly swept up in the recent ban from Iraq. @FredomForKurds
Quien es el abuelo de #Nieto?
@merrickbank Hello. Is your payment due date, date we send payment online or do we need to send couple of days in advance? Thx.
@davidicke Has Icke found the Lizard Spaceship yet?
Kudos to @NicoleKidman 4 supporting office of Pres., not necessarily candidate. #NicoleKidman, as always, honest, smart!
Big shout out to Ross @EE Letchworth store. Had issues with new #mobile sim card, travelling from #USA. He sorted ASAP. Thx.
@Uber_Support If we pre-schedule an Uber now, for tomorrow night Christmas Eve, can price increase/surge from original?
@Uber_Support Finally, the app is only offering me uBer X & Black Car when pre-scheduled. Are those the only offerings?
@Uber_Support Thx. Will Uber XL take 5 passengers, with each 1 med/large suitcase + 1 carry on?
@Uber Can I order an Uber XL in advance? How? Will Uber XL hold 5 passengers, each 1 med/large suitcase + 1 carry on? Thx.
Got it. Order sent. Thanks @EE . Good job on service.
@EE Thx. so basically, I pre-order the sim card, have it sent & pop it in when I arrive? I arrive x-mas, so stores are closed.

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