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Why watch ads almost always use the same time
The New York Times apologizes for mocking space travel in July, 1969
National Park Service Banned From Tweeting After Anti-Trump Retweets
We'll be watching! #Inauguration #Inauguration2017
Twitter is phasing out the “Buy” button, will continue to offer donations It's never been about #Ecommerce here!
@LauraBean_PR Word. Although it's usually because someone needs a fall guy for a screwup!
What I've learned from growing and unfollowing over 250,000 followers on Twitter HT @teedubya
Report: Facebook Live passes YouTube for most popular live streaming video platform | Marketing Dive
As we/they should! :) #LiveStreaming
Bud Light Revamps Ad Approach for Super Bowl - WSJ
Apparently @ATT is down for account management this morning...but the live chat folks are bringing their A-game. HT, "Sebastian"!
Just when you think #InstagramAds aren't for everyone... #SocialMedia #Advertising
RT @adhutchinson: Reminder: Vine, as you know it, only has hours left to live. Time to get in an change your profile…
Get ready: The 2017 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl is coming soon! Do you play along at home?
The least effective means of #Advocacy is an auto-letter generator. Trust me these are trashed! #AstroNet
Harvard's complete photography course is now available for free online
Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News on Facebook What do you do to stop the spread of #FakeNews?
A list but a useful list! :) RT @ronsela: 41 Blogging Tools Every Serious Content Marketer Should Know About
Even #SocialMedia platforms keep their ears other channels on for #CustServ opportunities! #TRGrules
School employee fired for tweet mocking student's spelling When hijinks go wrong on #SocialMedia...

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