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RT @Bill_Gross: In the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon."…
RT @LizAnnSonders: More and more people choosing not to heed oft-heard warning: "resist the temptation to buy a boat" @bespokeinvest @Sober…
RT @VentureBeat: Blockchain marketing technology has arrived and is about to explode:
RT @MorningstarInc: Get Morningstar Insights on #Alexa
RT @ChicagosMayor: "Chicago is clearly America’s most exciting city to eat in right now." - @bonappetit #ChooseChicago…
RT @WadeSlome: Where robots will replace Wall Street jobs:
RT @RobinWigg: Who owns YOUR country's bonds? Nice infographic from DB.
🤔 RT @EricBalchunas: Fast fact: there's been more mutual funds launched this year than ETFs (136 vs 115)...
PS If you’re more a #marketer than a baseball fan, check out that blog for a cute father/son collaboration #winning
.@whitesox are my 2nd fav Chicago #baseball team but there’s no debating Frank Thomas’ dominance. Here’s a fresh ta…
RT @RunnymedeCap: There Are Now More Indexes Than Stocks
RT @MorningstarInc: Rick Reider, @blackrock: "China is 42% of the growth in the world today, any inflation or deflation is going to be comi…
RT @CharlesRAAII: Larry Fink: Passive investing ~20% of market; if passive ever gets to be too much, 'active management will have a field d…
Fink: Active managers are creating "hysteria" because they're losing money #MICUS
Fink disagrees with Bogle: "The #1 reason Blackrock is who we are today is because we are public, not private" (adaptability) #MICUS
Fink skeptical about asset management consolidation benefits #MICUS
RT @MStarETFUS: Fink: More active managers are using ETFs to express their views. #MICUS
As part of answer to coming "big" asset management consolidation, Fink says when managers do well, it's because they get macro right #MICUS

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