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RT @abt_marketing: marketing with virtual assistants
@shelholtz worth the wait, thanks!
@shelholtz Shel, really miss FIR but no shows updated on Stitcher since October. Possible to fix? Thanks.
Historic! It's midnight and all the neighbors are out and celebrating @Cubs #worldseries #FlyTheW #AliveToSeeIt #NeverDoubted #BigtimeCrush
Thank you @Cubs
Stocks are being held for < 2 years now--shortest holding period since the 1920s via @followMFS
Love this: Women have a higher "content to bluster" ratio via @researchpuzzler #fnserv
"A Case in Favor and Against Sarah Paulson's Divisive Emmys Dress--What's Your Verdict?" #entertainment #feedly
RT @researchpuzzler: asset managers from Venus, asset owners from Mars, via @mxsk1 part 1: part 2:…
@shelholtz Please check the FIR feed to Stitcher--my episodes haven't updated since 8/23. Thanks, miss FIR!
RT @researchpuzzler: cash is the most hated asset from @jessefelder
RT @creately: These 16 companies dominate #Google search results as of now. Research by @ViperChill #seo https://t…
RT @ReformedBroker: Can’t have all the ups if you can take the all the downs. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.…
RT @CrimminsWM: Putting America's $18T economy into perspective by comparing US state GDPs to countries
"I like passive money because it's uninformed" --Artisan's O'Keefe #MICUS
RT @quonwarrene: RT @nealquon: .@facebooklive helps @MorningstarInc to humanize the brand and reach people organically - @MstarKatryna #MIC…
Impact of #fiduciary rule. Why aren't more people in this #MICUS session?
@LeslieAMarshall Looking forward to seeing you next week--is there an event app?

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