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Sooooo.....I have a new twitter! It's @PurpleKale28! Go ahead and follow, plus check out my blog-
Rock-a-Bye Baby Treasury
Groovy Home Decor Pillows
Looking for a gift for a loved one with breast cancer?
Groovy Pillows!
Breast Cancer Relief Pillows NEW!
Check out AGD's Group page on facebook!!/group.php?gid=116528368385080
Breast Cancer Relief
Breast Cancer Pillows
Check out some new stuff!
Will be posting new items soon! Stay tuned!
Breast Cancer Pillows
New Breast Cancer Pillows
Really cute pillows!
Yet another beautiful Breast Cancer Pillow made by my mom
Finally a new update:
SALE for a family member who is out of work
@pamloves2bead Thank you so much!! That means a lot coming from a fellow artist!

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