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Monitoring from your Iphone may be closer than you thought...
Upgrading kits and hitting marinas. Monitor your stuff this Labor Day.
Sending out full kits everyday to happy customers! Things are moving fast!
Arizona Self Storage Victory:
Summer Sailistice @ Treasure Isle was a blast!
Increasing Self Storage Revenue:
Who wrote the music for "The Love Boat"? Anyone...?
Name this movie: "You're gonna need a bigger boat..."
Actual Coast Guard test question: Your under way in your boat, you make a hard over port turn. Which end of your boat turns first?
FUN with Boat Trivia!!
Another cool story...sweet boat, too:
Sweet story:
Yikes! This is a pickle:'s nice to read good news occasionally!
Popcorn & Pontoons!
Good advice about securing your the Borger News Herald:
BoatUS News Room:
Tomorrow, tomorrow...
Reading: "Outside Hub - Welcome to the Outside Hub Corporate Website" (
Predict the weather before your next yacht trip:

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