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Back translation involves translating a text that has already been translated back into its original language...
Paula Ferrari, MD of our GCBG partner in US and Latin America, visited us last week. Following two days of useful...
International Mother Language Day 21 February To foster sustainable development, learners must have access to...
When purchasing translation services, as with all services, it is impossible to avoid the "iron triangle" of...
Japan aims to overcome language, cultural barriers before 2020 Games | The Japan Times
"It happened, so it can happen again". On this date in 1945 Soviet troops entered Auschwitz, the extermination...
Best wishes to Tracey Szklarek who has recently celebrated 25 years as Accounts Manager at Robertson Languages....
Happy New Year, everyone!
2017 may be a year in which some long-established international trade agreements are changed and new ones are...
Merry Christmas:
Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas, everyone.
List of Christmas greetings in different languages:
List of Christmas greetings in different languages
Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare
BREXIT is an external event beyond our personal control or that of our individual companies, however large they...
.@FedericaMog •EU should not continue business as usual when war crimes are being committed
.@BorisJohnson •EU should not continue business as usual when war crimes are being committed

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