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@f_mancio Dude, ignore the haters. Life is short , be happy 😄
@gedbrand10 Rehashed Article published in Mail today. Second hand Garbage written by Ian Herbert . You must be Proud.
The obscene media hype about Louis van Hire seems a little hasty. #groundhogday
Robin Williams, true comic genius. So Sad. RIP
YaYa Toure ! 😎
City building houses, THAT's a real story 👍
@JoleonLescott "joleon Lescott is top of the league" in class, thanks and good luck
@manmuse126 late last night
@manmuse126 You back now?
@ChrisMRiches Great Effort there Chris, not liking the team name or colours though...
Played at 50% against a good side, win 4-1. #strongCity
@ChrisMRiches 😃😃😃😃😃😃
@manmuse126 @Paulthorney
@ChrisMRiches Can't do Wed, sorry. How's Thurs?
@manmuse126 don't worry about it Ian. We City fans have been there so many times that we don't care anymore. Only a game!
@ChrisMRiches thought you were the better team, unlucky.
@ChrisMRiches 2pm good for you. Can your lot please beat the Gooners?!!!
@ChrisMRiches Morning Chris! Andy FB
FA Cup? Overrated 😁

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