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Very insightful pres at @IrishMedtech by @bluebridgetech on risk elements when making #medtech apps as part of… https://t.co/bjQGTr1reN
Always nice to get your head but not your body in the photo! https://t.co/d14vsvHNHx
RT @IMSTA_IRL: Welcome to #medtechweek and week when the industry will try to raise awareness of life-changing medical technologies https:/…
European #MedTechWeek 2017 - Here's what a few Irish people know about #MEDTECH - https://t.co/5I4XZprF5P
A great #MedTechWeek of events is on from @medtecheurope @IrishMedTech See what people know about #MedTech at https://t.co/Uq4d5O1xH6
@thepersuaders Cool!
@thepersuaders Hi Alex - Is the Croke Park AR event happening again this coming March / April? Thx!
Are you old enough to have a few records at home? Pickup a fiver if you're heading to Oz soon & have some fun! https://t.co/KLqobi2yXC
.@badams Gotta love digital awards! 400% growth for a tiny startup always beats 10% growth for a huge co.. Pay to judge gets u logo though!
RT @AnthonyQuigley: Packed audience at @3xedigital #3xedigital https://t.co/OIZvfBqv0L
RT @TinderPoint: Our very own head of PPC Richard Talbot is on stage now talking about his 'Favourite Fails in Search and Social Media Mark…
RT @SnapIreland: Best title for a presentation so far @3xedigital by seo expert Richard Talbot @TinderPoint #3xedigital https://t.co/6orhnF…
RT @TinderPoint: Join the TinderPoint team! SEO Specialist Wanted - Full Details here >>> https://t.co/Xe4j4hJAnf #jobfairy #seojobs https:…
@outlook App for IOS 8.0.2 constantly crashing on opening on iphone 5s. Was perfect all yest BST time. Auto-update overnight has killed it.
@bitoLegal @TinderPoint @RingJohn - 43 in my garden yest.... Unbelievable
So I've just passed 6 Google exams while watching the telly but eh.... I think Google might have a bug on their Part…https://t.co/okiN8XWMQb
@FEXCOgroup Thanks for following me! Hope the sun is shining down in the Kingdom today ;)
@SocialSellingIE Hey Rob - thanks for that! Hope all is well - let me know re that potential opportunity we discussed if there's any move?
RT @ovarzeano: Maior designer que o Brasil já exportou para a Irlanda. (S2 @bitoLegal) https://t.co/05fczgfldx
Hi @CARRINDIAN - thanks for the RT!

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