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Topolo team (Jennifer Jones, Andres Padilla, Joel Ramirez) in James Beard's kitchen. All the food made it! http://t.co/uZ7HveiIHx
After a BIG SCARE (all r food boxes got bumped off flight) we r reunited and moving into Beard House http://t.co/Unr0TTgVaQ
Gr8 lunch @ ABC Cocina! Fluke w lime, rstd maitake w goat chs & vingrtte, amazing arroz c pollo,mushroom tacos w mole http://t.co/k2ujTSM35r
Topolo chef Joel buying last minute veg at Union Sq green mkt for Topolo 25th Anniv celebration @BeardFoundation http://t.co/zVeL8FjJv4
Crack-of-dawn flight to NYC to cook Topolo's 25th Anniversary Dinner @BeardFoundation! 5 70# boxes of deliciousness. http://t.co/L6A1SCfCBs
Beautiful BEAUTIFUL red poblano chiles from Nichols Farm, ready to be blistered on the wood grill http://t.co/JW4WC7zC0e
Grind raw rice ovr'n'ovr til clean RT @BeardedSmoker @Rick_Bayless got first ever volcanic stone molcajete. How do I get it ready to use?
RT @TheFeedPodcast Show 9 preview: pics: @glennkotche @Rick_Bayless collab dinner 2 months ago. Sound, taste, aroma...http://t.co/p3frG8gV6d
Beautiful! RT @cabralta Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña courtesy @Rick_Bayless http://t.co/N9Eixl6n18
RT @stevedolinsky VIDEO: @eatfatrice stops by to take the #Pear Challenge against @Rick_Bayless. Preview from Show #9 http://t.co/gSkAExEQtV
Recording voice over for Season 10 of Mexico:One Plate at a Time. Airing Jan 2015! http://t.co/8rW9jQiAhZ
RT @austinfoodwine Want to know the secret to @Rick_Bayless' Red Peanut Mole recipe? Watch this from #AFWFest 2014. http://t.co/027wElzEDd
RT @TheFeedPodcast Whats for dinner? @Rick_Bayless & chef @cpandel to take on Cauliflower #MeatlessMonday LISTEN: http://t.co/wFUkBGUpLR
Vans Pig Stand, Norman,Ok. Closest 2 my family's BBQ Resto flavors:ribs,hot link-brisket sandwich,collards,fried okra http://t.co/NqHUkg5RJh
Visiting freshman nephew Lane @ Univ of Okla. His Span class is in bldg where I did my Span major 4 decades ago. http://t.co/4CKZ5jxBTt
Nice! RT @beckylaswell Can utell this is the recipe n #MexicanEveryday I've made most? Best tortilla soup ever. Thx http://t.co/vdusO6kbL9
A family tradition in OKC: chili-cheeseburger & onion rings at Johnnie's http://t.co/5QWUrjMhDt
Successful scholarship fundraiser @ OKC's Tuttle School of Cul Arts.Amazing staff. Charcuterie,restaurant,bakery/cafe http://t.co/OG5H3bkH5T
An honor! RT @Marcdunham Cant thank u enough 4 a memorable, successful benefit dinner @d21dining OKC #GuestChefSeries http://t.co/i7wfYEn4ay
How lucky am I to be able to spend my mom's 88th birthday with her in Oklahoma City? http://t.co/Ln2YkyYJvW

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