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Beautiful "day of dead" bread/pan de muerto being made for the altar (& desserts!) in Frontera/Topolo http://t.co/S8PZT7x1Sj
1 of my favorite parts of any day is seeing knob onions slowly roasting over the wood fire n Frontera just b4 service http://t.co/JKOk48xZYu
RT @ChicagoBlueSky The realities of running a business with a spouse, as told by @Rick_Bayless http://t.co/n9DepzA9lg
! RT @Marcdunham @FrancisTuttle SCA students checking in ingredients, starting mise 4 @Rick_Bayless dinner @d21dining http://t.co/irT8UIcEWD
@alexstupak I know you're slammed, but I need to find a tortillera to work with us at the Beard house dinner on Nov 1. Can u give me advice?
New Topolo 1931 menu: Classic, beloved, grill-seared squid in its ink. http://t.co/yPbTHp5Jeb
Get this book! Truly awesome resource. http://t.co/bGclk1vyuu
New Topolo 1931 menu: brandied ladyfingers w luxury pastry cream, infused pineapple, p'apple sorbet, xoconostle-mango http://t.co/TR3LPAiWXW
RT @ChicagoBlueSky Lunch break: @Rick_Bayless on physicality, hirability and creativity http://t.co/i7sGrQ71hf http://t.co/Cfs9czLvsk
New Topolo 1931 menu: Classic, beloved, grill-seared squid in its ink. http://t.co/vO5DwYiQmX
RT @ChicagoBlueSky Lunch break w @Rick_Bayless Envisioning Chgo'as 1 of the gr8 rstrnt cities' http://t.co/INEy07L1LT http://t.co/0NY3ETB31I
May 2015 RT @jakeheister @Rick_Bayless Hey chef, so excited for Mexican Everyday 2. When is the release date?
AMAZING crowd! I had a blast! RT @thekittchen Chef @rick_bayless is teaching a big crowd at @macys to make guacamole http://t.co/FBkpTsccqa
RT @FamilyFarmed Chgo restaurateurs! Join @Rick_Bayless&Dan Rosenthal @ LocalFoodMidwest 11/6 re: supply chain mgmt: http://t.co/VLLe0JmTX0
My finished Sunday "carbonara" brunch. One of the best things I've made in a while :) http://t.co/xkDF7sHcLS
Prep for Sunday brunch: homemade fettuccine carbonara w peas and Turkish kaymak (buffalo milk clotted cream). http://t.co/UXtbn7PmdX
Today. Noon. Demo. State Street Macy's n Chicago. I'd love to see you there!
A bunch at this time of year. RT @TomMattaBigBand @Rick_Bayless Chef - how often do you utilize red (fully ripe?) jalapeƱos?
RT @BunnyandBrandy Don't forget! @Macys & the @CulinaryCouncil are presenting @Rick_Bayless tomorrow at noon at the store on State Street
This Florida pompano I had last night in Orlando @the_rusty_spoon was amazingly fresh. Citrus miso. http://t.co/fV82eIhj7Y

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