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Beautiful! RT @mommacuisine Prickle Pear Margarita at Xoco Wicker Park! @rick_bayless http://t.co/JvQZkRH6YS
Nice! RT @rbedwards81 Tried my hand at @rick_bayless 's recipe 4 homade grass fed ricotta cheese w berries, honey,… https://t.co/AyC4fCx4WP
Listen up! RT @newredditposts #REDDIT: "Rick Bayless AMA-Apr 21, 8pm EDT in r/IAmA" : http://t.co/gBxRwIYFmY on /r/Cooking by /u/throw10away
Thx! RT @KarenAndAndrew At ORD blessing @Rick_Bayless for believing there could/should be delicious food at airports -- & never compromising
! RT @mexico Craving something sweet and Mexican? Learn to make cajeta with @Rick_Bayless: http://t.co/BHF4EGcciY http://t.co/v2KHf7SUhH
Great! RT @mcshill1 Grilled salmon with toasted peanut salsa--Green onions r awesome, thanks Rick! #MoreBayless http://t.co/umefY3Eae6
Jose Juan has cooked w us at Frontera for 20 years.Right now he's putting a btiful bunch of epazote n the black beans http://t.co/bcWrKKHk1n
B'tiful, exciting article! viva Cascabel!! RT @jaycheshes Dining Drinks Drama my @wsj story on the new dinner theater http://t.co/gEerAFEpRZ
Whoa! So honored @epicurious! named “Mexico One Plate at a Time” in top ten essential cookbks: http://t.co/HqvSZGWA5m http://t.co/ePjl5Djbdb
I'm n gr8 company! RT @adamghooks So apparently I only tweet about two non-academic / non- #biblionerd things: @Rick_Bayless and @Radiolab
Welcome! RT @PotashTwins Today on http://t.co/hEsQIPXPqv read about r amazing meal @Frontera_Grill Thanks 2 @Rick_Bayless & @stevedolinsky
Thanks! RT @gordsong Went back to #Xoco 4 pistachio glazed churros & #chocolate cafe con leche! Amazeballs #Chicago http://t.co/tFT1gdIMrD
New Tequila Mule (homade ginger beer) at Xoco Bistro in Wicker Park! One of the best cocktails I've tasted lately. http://t.co/nGTDXP2OTe
Red chile caramel corn with bacon. Yes. Ready for Baconfest tomorrow. (Bacon-laced albondigas tortas, too.) http://t.co/dchKXTQcb5
You forgot "delicious"? RT @Love_Fat_ @Rick_Bayless salmon and peanuts. It can't get any better than that! #omega3 #healthyfats
1 story told in Frontera's prep kitchen 2day: ramps: grilled, pickled, fermented, cooked n2 mojo, made n2 vinaigrette http://t.co/OTyUjfktun
Ready for #MoreBayless Round 3? Grilled salmon w. toasted peanut salsa. Let’s get grilling: http://t.co/Qv4bjP4vCz http://t.co/VsL0xTWgtr
Thanks!!! RT @TheFeedPodcast Congrats! @Rick_Bayless & .@stevedolinsky named #11 & #15 on Chicago's Food and Drink 50 http://t.co/CGNjJ17S2o
Say hello to #MoreBayless Round 2 cookbook winners: http://t.co/ZOVCjFl8Aq http://t.co/alIFmawtPH
1st 150 copies of More Mexican Everyday just arrived & I'm getting ready to sign them. On sale at Frontera tomorrow! http://t.co/uXlzNb8DoK

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