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@@dvchefME We heat small batches & keep in warming cabinet, or occ dbl panned in steam well. Rice cooker cn work.Use med grain 4 best result
Still need 3 cups RT @beer_motor @Rick_Bayless how much fresh roasted pumpkin instead of canned? Got a bunch to cook here.
In butter cook onion,1/2c pepitas&1 seeded ancho. Add 1 peeld apple,1/2t cinnamon& 3c canned pumpkin+4c H20. Cook 30 min & blend. S/P.
Up next: a recipe for Pumpkin Soup w Apple & Ancho. A quick & easy SOUP for any holiday meal. Can make w stock, can garnish w crema.
EVERY DAY in December I'm posting an easy Twitter-friendly recipe. http://t.co/0YIv5B3jNy
I like to form&steam right away.Cooked ones freeze well. RT @kristinmb82 how many days ahead can I assemble my tamales before I steam them?
Either is good. RT @mindtron @Rick_Bayless should the baked salsa and cheese app be served warm or can you serve room temp?
Skillet-rst 3 unpld grlic+8oz 1/2d tomatillo med ht til soft.Blend w 2 chpotles+1c H20.Nuke cubd buttrnt til soft,cvrd.Cook all w chpd bacon
Up Next: Recipe for Butternut with Bacon, Tomatillo, & Chipotle - my go to holiday SIDE DISH. Garnish w queso fresco & crisp bacon
EVERY DAY in December, I'm posting an easy, Twitter-friendly recipe. http://t.co/QKfiGpFPs0
Nice! RT @md_welch The beginnings of our home's take on chili verde. Tritip instead of pork. @rick_bayless would be… http://t.co/2IaNudWWqv
Nice! RT @MikePenmike11 Migas.Tortillas sautéed in bacon fat, w Chipotle salsa and cotija.Your inspirationdrives me http://t.co/ONHFgs0ELC
Toast 1/4c pine nuts. Mix w 4 oz goat & 3 oz cream chz. Form n2 disk in bkg dish. Spoon salsa over top. Bake 10-15 at 350
Up next: a recipe for Salsa-Baked Goat Cheese. This is a super easy ENTERTAINING APPETIZER. Serve on toasts or w chips,tstd pita,crackers
EVERY DAY in December in posting a Twitter-friendly recipe. http://t.co/2gfFRIhCDo
Thank you! RT @jmead3 its been 1yr since my last trip 2 Frontera in ORD and the team there is still doing amazing work! #Consistency
Brown lg slcd onion& 1 chicken in Dutch oven. Add 1/4c adobo 2c h20. Bake covrd 1.5-2 hrs @ 250. Seasn broth.Serve w cilantro&avo
Up next: a recipe for brothy Chicken Barbacoa- a delicious EASY MEAL that uses my Red Chile Adobo from Dec. 1 post.
EVERY DAY in December I'm posting an easy Twitter-friendly recipe http://t.co/F7QtmQA2Yy
That hair?! RT @ChefTsonton Watching an old @PBS In Julia's Kitchen w Master Chefs. Always a favorite w @Rick_Bayless http://t.co/EW7q8gN7px

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