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Great article on Leslie Tellez' new book Eat Mexico at Serious Eats: http://t.co/w8eqZ47FnC
Nice pc! RT @NRAEF .@Rick_Bayless on how #sustainability and #localsourcing are good for the #restaurant business: http://t.co/8m3ohcV7q8
Yes. RT @Chris47112 @Rick_Bayless @MakersMark did you taste the mash tanks??
Yes! RT @jasongrant19 @Rick_Bayless Can I top fried green tomatoes w/ salsa verde? If yes, would you put avocados in the salsa?
Gonna b gr8! RT @belliscoop @Chicago_Gourmet's #ModMex/Mix 9/12-13 hostd by @Rick_Bayless!Tix: http://t.co/1RKcxiWJ60 http://t.co/qMhKq1leY0
Nice! RT @thewolverinekel Thought I'd share my culinary escapades with you since u were the inspiration behind them! http://t.co/wNwBI20fEX
Yes. RT @Chris47112 @Rick_Bayless @MakersMark did you taste the mash tanks??
Btiful! All taste difrnt! RT @gcarreraiii What to do w all these garden picked chiles? Consulting #AuthenticMexican. http://t.co/Tp3WspKfMN
!! RT @scottkleinberg Blackberry basil margarita at @Frontera_Grill #NationalTequilaDay a la @Rick_Bayless http://t.co/A34Em4HG0E
1 of most delicious smells ever! RT @Chris47112 @Rick_Bayless @MakersMark the smell in the air at the distillery is so beautiful & alluring
Fave from Makers Mark fiesta: Mark-erita: bourbon, fresh lime, orange simple syrup, spicy salt rim. It was GOOOOOOD! http://t.co/SHvuEfhZau
HUGE thx to @MakersMark & @thecanalhouse 4 lavish hospitality!Btiful place,learnd so much,tasted white dog frm still! http://t.co/JBndV7XX9B
Got a taste: πŸ‘ RT @thecanalhouse Markerita time! Meet us at the Fiesta tmrw @MakersMark! 3:30 πŸŒžπŸŽΆπŸ’ƒ @rick_bayless http://t.co/fov0T3yDvG
My fave! RT @MarthaG_MT Day 1 of Mexico One Plate at a Time: Rosetta, Roma for conchitas, a taste of the real Mexico http://t.co/mMsE8sCKMe
Think abt resources? Listen 2 thought-provoking TED Radio Hour's "Finite" show. Excerpts from 5 TED talks. http://t.co/AcZj28jP6O
Tomorrow! RT @janetpattonhl Maker's Mark hosts Mexican fiesta w Rick Bayless | Restaurants | http://t.co/3rwFqquZcY http://t.co/ApFu7rQBsr
Thx! Coming 9/12! RT @MichelleAnjanet #ModMex Great event. 1 of the most memorable experiences.Can't wait 2 go again https://t.co/3ccv5p4CdO
!!! RT @Chicago_Gourmet Mod Mex/Mod Mix tix r on sale! The Next n Mex is coming 9/12 & 9/13 w Rick Bayless! http://t.co/HvuUfupTpz #ModMex
I can do it better ... but not so ... appealing. RT @MichaelNagrant your move! https://t.co/QOfGRBZ0ch
There's not much better than having Xoco's Mexican shrimp & scallop cocktail on the patio :) http://t.co/6C9R2mSOfT

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