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New daily specials start today at Xoco Bistro in Wicker Park. Some dangerously good food going on here :) http://t.co/Wbljd2FayQ
RT @iceculinary WATCH: @Rick_Bayless Shares His Culinary Voice—The #JBFA-winner shared his perspective w #ICEstudents http://t.co/IGE5eEePUa
HUGE THANK YOU to @EricBrunerYang for FEAST of pizza&pie 4 r crew!Ur a GREAT cook, THOUGHTFUL chef & a DAMN NICE guy! http://t.co/l13qJHZIQN
RT @Frontera_Grill Bayless&team 2 create 6 NEW dishes 4 dinnr benefiting Mdwst farms.Tix/info: http://t.co/HtV5pogvZL http://t.co/2rPCp45O49
R Fndn has investd $1.5M n Midwst family farms.All raised @ r wacky annual fundrsr. June 14!! Only a few seats left. http://t.co/HtV5pogvZL
Yes, the Xoco River North breakfast chorizo&egg torta w avocado+salsa verde is one of my favorite things in the world http://t.co/kqBEieXeTa
Many asked wht pan I use in my pit. Vollrath (68391) avail n resto supplies or from Amazon: Vollrath - Roasting Pan Alum 20 7/8"x17 3/8"x 7"
Yes, soon! RT @RobertHurtado87 @Rick_Bayless when will season 10 of Mexico one plate at a time come to DVD?
Thanks for producing such gr8 pork for us! RT @GunthorpFarms The grinding room smells soooo good on chorizo day. Thanks @Rick_Bayless.
RT @moodyrxswan Cracks me up that @thechew hosts @chefsymon & @carlahall would fly through/to O'Hare just to eat at the Bayless restaurant!
Nice! RT @mjnowac did ur achiote slow roasted pork tacos with a few twists. added some adobo/chipotle too. Yum http://t.co/aQnkN3LSgm
Mouthwatering! RT @KnowWhatYouEat @Rick_Bayless came out delicious, gracias! http://t.co/QzodtLYT8A
@gglasstheatre benft @ my place:table 4 45,cochinita pibil,4 ceviches,Mary Zimmerman talks creativity,a littl rain😅 http://t.co/gwQ7GFfwai
Wow! RT @chilescharcoal Carnitas, anyone? @DivaQBBQ @tuffystone @Rick_Bayless @Chef_Aaron http://t.co/wjhgikqAUR http://t.co/LwA8lYSXZQ
RT @WGNNews Out of the kitchen & onto the mat. Stay tuned... #yoga lesson with @Rick_Bayless @VIBEUPToday http://t.co/uSLFLrwa5E
Getting ready for a yoga segment at 11:45 on WGN with friends&founders of the wellness events VIBEUP. (Me in red!) http://t.co/hQ1F8DaEzK
This b'tiful dbl peony looks so serene next to all the hot, heavy cochinita pibil prep that's going on in my yard. http://t.co/NftHCat9Rh
Brazier lowered into 900* pit ready to be buried under steel top & 6" of dirt. Cooks 6-8 hours. http://t.co/b87Id6mDRs
Layering suckling pig w achiote in ban leaf-lined brazier 2 cook in my backyard pit 4 big @gglasstheatre benefit. http://t.co/G8Ch9w7znT
RT @mikenow #BillShores, gardener 4 @Rick_Bayless , walks me thru Rick's small space Chicago garden n this interview http://t.co/hGqQxvEFfJ

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