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Ah. This just came out of the oven. The aroma of celebration. https://t.co/WpBW5NIHRS
Neutralizes acid, promoting browning. RT @Aberjack4 Chef,what does the baking soda do for the cajeta?
RT @ThirdCoastFest What does Bayless listn 2 while cooking T-giving dinner?TC's Best of Best! Bcast times+pecan bars:https://t.co/LeUfw5EJZm
RT @bad_vinaigrette “My Latest Trip to Baja” by @Rick_Bayless https://t.co/nH8rR0osm1
!!RT @mexico Craving for something sweet and Mexican? Learn to make cajeta w @Rick_Bayless: https://t.co/JvG8ISHGZB https://t.co/lS7LK3d7AX
Rioja, Rhone. Yes RT @BarnabyNygren wine pairing suggestions for turkey with adobo? Also, can one use guajillo together with ancho in sauce?
Here's a flip-side, flavor-packed strategy for your leftover turkey and mashed potatoes! https://t.co/YW7IjQYzsm
Who else wants to paint some happy little cilantro leaves? https://t.co/4YtilpVjEG #MoreMexicanEveryday
Luckiest guy #2: my daughter posted ths pic/caption: "Happy bday 2 ths amazing man i'm lucky enuf 2 call my dad!! https://t.co/nsc20Mo2TV
Luckiest guy evr: my wife made me ths btiful paella (+Spanish nibbles) 4 my bday ths evening. ! https://t.co/rkdsa44EGz
Thank you! RT @FamousBirthdays @Rick_Bayless Happy Birthday from @FamousBirthdays. Wishing you a fantastic day!
RT @TwitterShopping Starting to holiday shop? @Rick_Bayless signed cookbook is anawesome gift idea. Buy on Twitter! https://t.co/gPjZQ9nfP8
RT @eaterchicago Chef @Rick_Bayless spoofs Bob Ross in hysterical video: https://t.co/tncuLF6ssz https://t.co/N051RSTcMn
My new book "More Mexican Everyday" makes a GREAT gift. Buy here for a signed copy! https://t.co/iNlcsxXHhq
RT @TheFeedPodcast How does impatience and greed help a cook? Find out @Nigella_Lawson @stevedolinsky @Rick_Bayless https://t.co/s51ia1Tu0d
RT @IndianaRLA Celebrity Chef/Restaurateur @Rick_Bayless shares his passion & interest for using local n his resto. https://t.co/12EDrjbvdm
!! RT @michiganavemag @Rick_Bayless and @stevedolinsky are savoring the success of their podcast partnership: https://t.co/xqhWsM8r8z
RT @SustainablyO #Thanksgiving prep?Check out Chef @Rick_Bayless’ #recipes 4 MESQUITE turkey https://t.co/TvcmQyq6JM https://t.co/SChy4a3GQ9
Thxgiving prep? I'll help! Recipes 4 mesquite turkey, cranberry salsa, choco-pecan pie bars: https://t.co/8kGHVhjoi3 https://t.co/SChy4a3GQ9
Ensenada: visit 2 fish mkt, then famous fish tacos (El Fenix),then Eréndira to learn sustnbl mariculture @ Baja Seas https://t.co/CS3OzCLH6q

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