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Yea! Chgo Restaurant Week starts today! #CRW menus for Topolo lunch, Frontera lunch/dinner & Xoco lunch/dinner/to-go: http://t.co/UkzNaiFiSz
Looks delish, like Texas! RT @BeckamTX Carne Guisada w/fresh pico and goat cheese. Real #foodporn @Rick_Bayless http://t.co/R9hrIHcQ9P
You're so kind! RT @RobertFalls Ah, delicious breakfast tortas from @Rick_Bayless O’Hare airport almost makes air travel tolerable.
Beautiful! RT @CraveCuisine @Rick_Bayless making your apple nutella empanandas tonight, send me good vibes please! http://t.co/uXudRzGSE9
Saute sundried tomatoes,chpd onion& jalapeño till soft&gldn.Add 3Ttequila &stir til reducd.Sprnkl on 8oz cheese.Stir til melty.Srv immedtly
Up next: a recipe 4 Tequila-Infused Queso Fundido. Yes, perfect 4 that party ur having this wknd. Tortillas or chips http://t.co/cruU6wR1RK
!! RT @foodandwine Chef @Rick_Bayless’s tequila-infused queso fundido + more great party dips: http://t.co/zHUPp1QnAE http://t.co/CzO27AQZwE
:) RT @andoneegg Corn Tortillas @Rick_Bayless for tonight's Taquitos dinner #FoodPorn http://t.co/qcmF5Kkv4k
Salt-rim pint glass.Add ice,12oz Negra Modelo,1/4C limejuice & as much as you like of the following:Mex hot sauce,Worcestershire,jugo maggi
Yes, up next is my favorite approach to making a Michelada - a must have drink for game day. Twitter friendly :) http://t.co/xmTiHnvaKD
No. Vinegar from the hot sauce RT @natejstarkey @Rick_Bayless no lemon or lime juice in that wing sauce?
Toss 24 wings in oil, S&P. Bake @ 425 20mins til skin is crisp. Melt 1/4C butter w 5oz Mex hot sauce. Toss wings in sauce, grnish w ses seed
Up next is a Twitter-friendly recipe for Red Chile Hot Wings - exactly what every superbowl party needs! http://t.co/vhQlL2xEre
So excitd 2 cook w @beardfoundation @ Milan Worlds Fair summer2015! http://t.co/LexMAEVcl7 #expo2015 @usapavilion2015 http://t.co/EaVgcC2ffU
!! RT @MartyMcCabe Just pre-ordered ur new cookbook: More Mexican Everyday: Simple, Seasonal,Celebratory https://t.co/catu4XO1IE Can’t wait!
Dallas: KERA today, 3:30. MOPAT Season 10!! http://t.co/PKQrea14x4
Hey, Chicago! My best season yet of MEXICO One Plate at a Time episode 3 airs at 12:30 today on WTTW http://t.co/GWgfmu6n07
Yes!! RT @stevedolinsky @marcmaron @allensalkin come to town and we'll not only eat, but can record for @thefeedpodcast as well, right Rick
Chicago: tune in TONIGHT @ 8:30, TOMORROW @12:30 for Episode 3 of MOPAT Season 10. Best.Season.Ever. http://t.co/6Csgo27w3N
!RT @TheFeedPodcast @Rick_Bayless & .@SteveDolinsky search a savory treat found in Chinatowns n America: Pork Cookie http://t.co/q3pK1kP9ck

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