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RT @katrinbee Best salsa ever= @Rick_Bayless smoky chipotle frm Mex Evry Day: fresh tomatillos from my CSA farm share http://t.co/4UrGiHEldn
Beautiful! RT @kk_kitchen The garden is gonna be ready to help me make my favorite @Rick_Bayless tomatillo salsa soon http://t.co/ZP5p6OYZqi
Really? Not w my fave Oax bl mole tamales. RT @belyflores nothing pairs better w pork/chicken tamales than guacamole & "a la charra" beans:)
RT @TheChoppingBloc Preview of "Cascabel" at @gglasstheatre from @Rick_Bayless: http://t.co/0k2xlxjK0O Visit r Facebook page 2 win free tix!
B'tiful! RT @carlbelles After ur demo @ #fronterafarmerfoundation benefit, had 2 make rstd poblano gazpacho 4 dinner. http://t.co/B63CtCavOQ
Delish meal!! RT @ChrisMarchino Pleasure cooking 4 u @CafeSpiaggia Now ur cooking 4 me! #fronterasalsaisinmyfridge http://t.co/iicNJ11j2K
In Mex, tamales are more a snack. Maybe do salad & beans. RT @mrmorganmusic what sides pair well w pork/chicken tamales for a complete meal?
!! RT @foodandwine Chef @Rick_Bayless’s top 5 grilling recipes: http://t.co/KvEQDmC6id
Yes, my pass: tomorrow we move from r Cascabel rehearsal space to THE GOODMAN theater! First previews on July 31st! http://t.co/3zmrTIqcCc
Didn't get to come to our FronteraFarmerFoundation benefit? Read this LOVELY piece by Judy Wu at GapersBlock. http://t.co/quZm3Pqaux
Yes!! RT @JonasFriddle Heatin things up in @Rick_Bayless' backyard for the #FronteraFarmerFoundation benefit. http://t.co/tX2naVCrkw
Thank u to all the amazing Frontera staff 4 making the Frontera Farmer Fndtn benefit SOOOO successful. Ur the best! http://t.co/g4E71rTHJn
Crazy-fun end to Frontera Farmer Foundation benefit at my home: @JonasFriddle rockin' the backyard! http://t.co/5Frtfs2BN0
Unearthing the pig after 7 hours in the pit. It's perfect! Frontera Farmer Foundation benefit at my home http://t.co/Lp4H9idufI
Three breakfast licuados, delicious and fresh #MexicanEverydayVol2 http://t.co/0byWn78rdc
Classic roasted tomato sauce + 3 recipes to make from it #MexicanEverydayVol2 http://t.co/gw4Lc40tDR
Mexican chocolate pudding parfaits #MexicanEverydayVol2 http://t.co/wQ5Mwbw1f3
!!! RT @JonasFriddle Excited to play music at @Rick_Bayless' house 4 Frontera Farmr Fndtn benefit today. #greatfood #greatcause #greattime
Morning!It's 6:30a & I've got pit roaring 4 the suckling pig pibil 4 today's Frontera Farmr Fndtn benefit @ my house! http://t.co/T2GKpe24ND
Shrimp in roasted tomatillo salsa verde with fresh sorrel #MexicanEverydayVol2 http://t.co/g26tAXB94g

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