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Today's #MovemberYogi theme is BLESSED. And, boy, am I. Gr8 family & friends, health, beauty all around! #YogaDudes http://t.co/i18Kw6j3MW
Nopalito, SF: GREAT home-ground masa made into huaraches w huitlacoche and 3-pork quesadillas w cascabel. http://t.co/CaJgGRxVxy
Had a DELICIOUS, soul-satisfying meal at EVVIA in Palo Alto. Gutsy, live-fire Greek is SO GOOD! Yea whole fish! http://t.co/N9ycs97AeX
Memorable! Esp porridge & Jura wine RT @rangesf Thank u 4 joining us 4 dinner lstnght! We hope u enjoyed everything! http://t.co/Yal8PbZUTC
RT @jakesilverstein @LyleLovett @Andylanger 2 paraphrase @evanasmith,we must not let the perfect enchilada b the enemy of the good enchilada
Staying w dear friend in Moss Beach 4 my bday weekend. Flowers from her garden,fruit from mkt,persimmons frm her tree http://t.co/9ube6ML1dA
You made my day! RT @milesbailey @drewmagary how do you think @Rick_Bayless feels about this display http://t.co/f7lpnpgRwk
RT @KalamazooGrills Want tips on how to grill-roast turkey & a delicious Thanksgiving dish from Rick_Bayless: http://t.co/RsBe2dvzW4
RT @sonjalee Attended most informative cooking class at G w Chgo fave @Rick_Bayless 2day:Tequila is out,mezcal is in! http://t.co/b7yrGD2yLo
WONDERFUL day at Google's Kitchen Sync reaching Google chefs & Googlers mole, chile sauces http://t.co/bCNlE34jbc
Today's #MovemberYogi theme: Celebrated! 1 of my favorite celebratory standing poses: Virabhradrasana II.my bday pose http://t.co/DS2XySJdUC
Today's #MovemberYogi theme is OPEN. Takes me a long dedicated backbend practice to even attempt urdhva dhanurasana. http://t.co/ZeVancs7Hv
A HUGE thanks to friends @ Tres Resto SF 4 hosting me & bloggers lstnght! & mostly 4 the incredible sgl-barrel gift!! http://t.co/m7x5Av7wjK
Whoa! They're making gorgeous food @ Namu Gaji SF!Wagyu tartare w natto crisp,uni w pkld mustard,beef tongue w chiles http://t.co/44DPDIQVGu
I had THE BEST time yesterday w food bloggers here n SF-talking,cooking,exploring.Thx @NegraModeloUSA 4 setting it up #theperfectcomplement
RT @stevedolinsky LISTEN: Final Bite @TheFeedPodcast, @Rick_Bayless, me @Lindsey_Hemmer talk #FishTacos @RubiosTweets http://t.co/zzEZPkys83
My favorite food to pair with @NegraModeloUSA? Easy. grilled lamb chops #theperfectcomplement #tsimr
RT @caskifer First stop on @rick_bayless food tour of SF, La Palma Huaracheria #theperfectcomplement #negramodelo http://t.co/wLm4GTYBh4
Thank you @NegraModelo for organizing a very cool walking tour for SF Food Bloggers and me! Now off to Tres for some Twitter shenanigans
Can't help but love the unbridled festivity of a Mexican bakery. La Reina, Mission, SF. http://t.co/92Ww2LenaS

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