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Lovely interpretation of "Wishful Thinking" by a page follower. Thank you so much Jane! I love it so much <3 https://t.co/AxyRPKgAOz
My baby boy in an art show of his own! 💓
Chillin in a very messy studio. Going live in about an hour lovelies! https://t.co/NWkupvUcEh
I just had to share! SOOOOO pretty. One of my collectors builds frames for his mermaid paintings. This is his latest frame! I LOVE it 🌟
Hey all! I've started a "monthly print club" so that all of you lovely and amazing people could collect limited... https://t.co/lcNiUFRwXB
I have her a curly tail. Only mermaid royalty have curly tails and she, I think it's a princess. https://t.co/8Q1B7pki7J
Just feeling like I want to share details. 🌈
Progress on "Forbidden". Do ya'll think that the tail behind her looks like she's sitting on it, or does it look awkward? Thanks ya';;! :*
She was adopted :) Goodbye "Sirene"! https://t.co/O8MxuNtb2D
The original is for sale here: https://t.co/515BBcSDus 💓💓💓💓 https://t.co/BedGKUpLOh
Came across an old custom painting I did for a friend! <3 https://t.co/jN9B2qqz61
I will be live EVERY Saturday at 10am EST. I'd love to chat with you! Ask me me a question below and I'll talk... https://t.co/XEMQO6P9oO
Going live in about 45 minutes lovelies! 💓💓💓
It's always bittersweet when my mer-girls get adopted! Goodbye girls! <3 <3
<3 https://t.co/lEMoiCzygw
A collector of my mermaid ladies made his own amazing frames for them!!!
Progress baby! https://t.co/aHmcW162Tl
Mermaid sketch in the sketchbook today! https://t.co/AZ1CfLLkPe

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I am a happily married mother of 3. I am a full time artist, & creator of beauty.

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