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Ok, my real estate friends, this is too good to miss! https://t.co/kd3J9l8PlV
RT @TheVentureSpotR: #Rome It's On Now!! Open House: https://t.co/u7LzsPzHlm See a hidden gem & Leigh Anne has Halloween candy too! Get t…
#PalmerHouseProperties agents: This is a fun presentation & you learn how to get& Keep that big mileaged deduction https://t.co/ZzTGfGf69X
RT @mileagetrakker: #PalmerHouseProperties agents #ATL: Free Lunch,fun w/the MT car&an easy way to trakk mileage! http://t.co/sBxMNlmv6T ht…
RT @mileagetrakker: And that's it!!!!! #millionthmile #mileagetrakker http://t.co/62bQNmCIIl
RT @mileagetrakker: Next one to turn off their car! #millionthmile #mileagetrakker http://t.co/Wp6Y6iTKpk
The middle one has cookies....tee hee! (and it's gorgeous too!) https://t.co/Lyn189iEbx
RT @mileagetrakker: Which of these would you want most in your car? http://t.co/xgz4iuWQLc (At least you don't have to wait for mileage tra…
@bergeronprocess Used to live in a spot that had a restaurant named "Someplace Else". "Where do you want to go for dinner?" "Someplace else"
RT @mileagetrakker: If you have rental property,be sure to take all your tax deductions. http://t.co/45OmVRHWi8 …. Remember to track mile…
@mileagetrakker Do I have to become an Irish Setter for the day to partake? Rental Spot Dog
@mileagetrakker oooh Bailey's. We dogs like chocolate ! That cheesecake sounds good too!
RT @mileagetrakker: With the Irish& business owners,it's all about the green.So,bus owners how much green should you be owed? Find out: htt…
RT @mileagetrakker: At Mileage Trakker we help people collect their "pot 'o gold" everyday! http://t.co/3Y9zwRXJOd
RT @mileagetrakker: It's tax time.Is your 2014 mileage log a mess?Don't let that happen in 2015- esp since the deduction is $0.575/mi.! htt…
Re: #PwdSprings home - here's the link: http://t.co/gcOWX53m7i
#PwdSprings:Love horses,but don't want to own them?Found an answer!Rent this 3 bd w/bonus rm overlooking a horse farm http://t.co/SYZNyvIgge
@TrainingFactor Thanks Jonathan Saar! You rock!
RT @TheVentureSpotR: Know someone distressed by recent divorce?Be a friend&bring them 2 meet Carol Harper-author of Extraordinary Divorce h…
#Douglasville: Love country living?Enjoy pine hardwoods,a wrap-around porch,treehouse&barn. http://t.co/dT8u8HFY6u http://t.co/xIYxyJ51aZ

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