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@DannyDance @WavesAudioLtd Best investment for me is the ressaisance bundle (compressor, eq, reverb) :)
Lost 8 Kilo in 7 weeks. Two times sports per week and lower fat food. Yes. Wanna look cool (when naked) till summer ;-)
Put me pair of P33A to Adam Inc.(Berlin) for fix some problems.Hope to get this legendary monitors back in a few days!
I have odered this two days ago: Very interesting :) Bohlencode – Die ganze Wahrheit #Suite101
Have had some hard nights at the Berlinale in Belin. Check this out :
Suche Programmiere für eine kleine Android und Apple App. Email an
We have got 115 new users now on
My new, free OSX-Widget is redy for download! Version 2 of "Musikproduktionsweisheiten" can be found here.Check it out!
Now we have got 96 users in our new music production blog since the last weeks. :) check it out:
One of my older productions (Sommer, Sommer) with Dinell Montez:
Gotcha. Got the first two "OKs" for next year. Gigs for our new Dance-Duo: "You 2012" in Berlin and 1 week at Ibiza (Club Punta Arabi). :)
Ey, cool "history stuff". :) See ProTools Version 1.0 (year 1991), presented by SMM:
Queens "Bohemian Rhapsody", playes on an Ukulele. Real Great Stuff:
We have got some new articles for music- and record production in our blog. Check it out:
@flocke_hh Hallo Flo, Gruß nach Hamburg aus Berlin! :-) (A.M.Loitsch, RelationRecords)
Still searching for a real experienced manager (from Berlin) for one of our dance/disco acts!
Now we have got exactly 50 users in our blog/forum! Check this out:
Agreed some gigs for one of our Bands "Eleven´s 2" for next year at Ibiza, Club Punta Arabi.See you there in July 2012:
Hi all, please take the survey for our new recording/mixing facility in Berlin. Thank you!
#videocamp: Have had a great day at Videocamp in Berlin. Thx to you guys!

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