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It’s not just plastic drinks bottles; you can #recycle plastic bleach & detergent bottles too. #recycleplastic
Do you recycle in every room? Find out what waste items you can #recycle from every room of your home - YouTube
How I did on Twitter this week: 39 New Followers, 21 Mentions, 27.1K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
Margarine, ice cream - both come in plastic tubs that can be recycled from the kitchen! #recycleplastic
Did you know that old electronic equipment has valuable metals that can be #recycled & used again? Watch our video -
Are you recycling everything from the kitchen? Remember you can recycle soup, cream and yoghurt pots #recycleplastic
Watch the food waste item from last night's BBC News at Six here (from 16:32 onwards) featuring WRAP's Liz Goodwin.
WRAP's Liz Goodwin: emissions from old food connects everyday life in households to negotiations on greenhouse gases
RT @loveyourclothes: Want to pimp your pullover for #XmasJumperDay? We've got lots of tips (and a competition). htt…
Get your kids involved in the #recycling process at home & make it fun:
Top tip when recycling plastic pots, tubs & trays, give them a quick rinse in washing-up water #recycleplastic
Great idea!
Have a corking Christmas! Try #upcycling your wine corks into a festive tree this #Christmas. via @iRecycleArt
Do you recycle from every room in your house? Explore our interactive house:
RT @loveyourclothes: Wouldn't it be great if schools made DIY jumpers for #XmasJumperDay? A fun festive project! ht…
Plastic bottles can be transformed into lots of new things - toys, t-shirts & other plastic bottles #recycleplastic
Test your recycling knowledge with our fun, interactive quiz #superherorecycler
Upcycled dragon from CDs, plastic bottles, lids, cans & phone top-up cards RT @CityArtsNotts
RT @LandscapeEvent: Got old jeans lying around the house? Here's a great idea that will bring them back to life #upcycling #planters https:…
Ever wondered what happens to your plastic bottles when you #recycle them? - YouTube

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Public campaign aimed at Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering domestic waste in Wales.

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