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Going to the #RoyalWelshShow ( tomorrow? Look out for the #recycling bins & please use them.
@Mrpitpony The food waste bins provided by @CaerphillyCBC are lockable with the handle in the upright position, so shouldn't attract vermin.
@Mrpitpony @Dennis_Eagle not if you recycle the food out of it. Food waste in Wales gets collected weekly. No smell. No attraction to vermin
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Making way for summer clothes? Why not swap clothes with your mates at a ‘swishing’ party
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Read our new blog - Three weekly collections – a positive change | Recycle for Wales
@LandskerWales A good question; @royalwelshshow will the amount of recycling at the show be monitored and published?
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Let the @LFHW_UK free app do the work! It keeps track of planning, shopping and cooking meals
Going to the #RoyalWelshShow ( today? Look out for the #recycling bins & please use them.
Plans keep changing? Leave gaps in your meal plans and use meals from your freezer or leftovers if you need to:
Ever wondered what happens to your organic garden waste when you #recycle it?
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@sianmarie8 great stuff - thanks for following us and helping to get the recycling tips and hints out to the masses
@sianmarie8 thanks for spotting.I'm afraid we had nothing to do with the production of the gnome.Do you recycle from every bin in your home?
Are you a superhero recycler? Find out with our interactive quiz! #superherorecycler
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Public campaign aimed at Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering domestic waste in Wales.

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