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Don’t chuck uneaten foods without checking the dates! Save money with @LFHW_UK by understanding dates
Handy tips on how to remember portion sizes #lovefoodhate waste #potionsizes
Do you have a lonely sock lying around? (most people do!) If yes, why not make a dog toy out of them #reuse #dog
Ever wondered what happens to your small electronic items when you #recycle them?
@LyndseyStewart What a load of cobblers!!
Great way to use up old pizza boxes! From @kabtweet
#FoodWaste is a big issue!Plse keep it out of the black bin & #recycle the unavoidable stuff
@foreverinmymind Thanks you for your query, you'll need to contact the council (@CarmsCouncil) contact details here:
Make it your #GreenResolution to recycle food waste! All leftover food waste can be recycled.
@KearnsLogSchool Thanks for your comment, the artist is Rosa Verloop, you can see more of her work here:
Make it your #GreenResolution to #recycle one more thing from your living room
Make it your #GreenResolution to #recycle one more thing from your bathroom
Make your pet happy by making toys out of toilet rolls #mice #hamsters #rabbits
What do you do with old tights? this creepy image is one way of reusing them #reuse #creepyart
Need inspiration for meals made from whatever is in your fridge, freezer & cupboard? Try the @LFHW_UK recipe finder
#FoodWaste is a big issue! Make the problem go away- #recycle all of the unavoidable stuff.
Ever wondered what happens to your organic garden waste when you #recycle it?
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Ever wondered what happens to your plastic bottles when you #recycle them?
Do you #recycle transport tickets, losing @TNLUK tickets, receipts & old footy/rugby tickets?All can be recycled!

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Public campaign aimed at Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering domestic waste in Wales.

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