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RT @eldang: Now more than ever we need to make common cause with the other minorities under attack, and here our self-appointed leaders are…
RT @TeaPainUSA: 46 days till Donald Trump has our nuclear launch codes. 46 days and 30 seconds until Vladimir Putin has our nuclear launch…
RT @TeaPainUSA: Fox News says questionin' Trump's legitimacy is "disgraceful!" How dare folks treat Trump the same way Fox News treated a…
RT @galenward: So voters helped keep inflation down?
RT @HillaryClinton: "Nobody respects women more than me." —Donald Trump earlier tonight "Such a nasty woman." —Donald Trump just now #Deba…
RT @mikememoli: Trump, pressed on accepting outcome of election: "I'll keep you in suspense." Clinton: "That's horrifying."
..appalling.. ..won't say he'll support democracy..
RT @pemalevy: Donald Trump claims he’s never spoken to Vladimir Putin. In this 2014 video, Trump says he did.
..believe me.. ..absolutely worse.. history..
RT @EricWolfson: First sniff: 9:15 PM #debatenight
RT @fakedansavage: Chicago is not an island. Chicago is not a walled city. Chicago is not an island. Chicago is not a walled city. Chicago…
..he's starting calmly.. ..see how long this lasts..
..and believe me.. ..holy $h!T..
RT @riotwomennn: Trumps answer was completely nonsense Martha Raddatz was appalled with his stupidity but his supporters won't get it #deb…
RT @GeorgeTakei: NAFTA was signed by President Bush, you knucklehead.
..and the inner cities.. ..diasters..
RT @davidaxelrod: Just for record, there were no ads in which @MichelleObama attacked @HillaryClinton. I know. I was there. #debates

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