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ECU remapping and eco tuning to improve car fuel efficiency, MPG performance, acceleration, torque, flat spots and drivability. Also local car & van servicing
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Rapid Remap
Rapid Remap are specialists in ECU remapping and eco tuning to improve car fuel efficiency and drivability for many vehicle makes and models. Although modern vehicles have improved fuel efficiency and technology capabilities, filling the tank costs much more than it ever used to these days and not all cars driven out of the showroom run as efficiently as they could do. Rapid Remap can update your vehicle engine management system to: Improve MPG by 10-20% Gain smoother Acceleration Benefit from better Torque Remove Flat Spots Improve Towing capability Considerably reduce CO2 Emissions By investing in our Fuel Optimiser and Power Optimiser tuning options your vehicle will be more economical, capable and environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint and assisting against global warming. Our new garage facility offers car and van servicing, repairs and diagnostics with free collection and delivery within five miles. Our Mission To offer professional chip tuning and ECU remapping services using cutting edge technology in the pursuit of ultimate engine performanc

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