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Concerned about applying for FAFSA? Get free help with your Student Aid at these resources! http://t.co/ezXe9VDYmA #SchoolLoans #BeatTheDebt
Think being nominated for an Academy Award is all glitz and glamour? Guess what it costs to be Nominated! http://t.co/c3yTTWtXr3 #Oscars2013
Unless some prior arrangement was made, a Collection Agency can theoretically send a small payment back and demand payment in full. #Debt
True or False: As long as a Debtor pays something on the account, you must accept it no matter how small. Check back on Tues for the answer!
Debt free after Valentine’s Day? Retweet if your Valentine’s Day was this good! http://t.co/NOaPvFPx #Feb14 #BeatTheDebt
So you think Mardi Gras is just a party? It boosts New Orleans' economy by generating $1 billion in annual spending! http://t.co/oP6NbEJE
The date is near – here are some frugal Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you lovers on a budget! http://t.co/rdTOcrWl #BeatTheDebt #VDay #gift
Wednesday's answer was TRUE. Only a Court Order can decide which individual party is responsible for the debt in a divorce. #BeatTheDebt
True or False: When collecting from a divorced couple, a court order decides which party is responsible for paying the debt. #DebtProblems
.@Reynolds Debt-free is the way to having a great 2013! #GetHappy is right!
.@MichelleLou_MUA Congratulations! Glad to hear you stuck to your New Year's Debt Resolution!
We're one month into 2013 - how is your New Year's Debt Resolution coming along? Retweet if you're sticking to it! #BeatTheDebt #GetHappy
Confessions of a Debt Collector: Do you think this is an accurate representation of all Debt Collection agencies? http://t.co/z4xpoMYW #debt
Top 10 rules all debt collectors must follow. Retweet and educate yourself before you get a call! http://t.co/pyOeQFO9 #Debt #MadYet #FDCPA
Have you ever wanted to try these hilarious ideas when you get a call from a Debt Collector? Retweet and check it out! http://t.co/z7Lx3TGF
Do you personally know all of your Facebook friends? Find out how debt collectors can find you from your profile! http://t.co/LtZQdeMa #debt
If a bill is due in 30 days, you pay it in 60. Is this how your company pays bills? Retweet and check out this cartoon! http://t.co/nsPiJN1P
Do you know between what hours Debt Collectors are allowed to call your home? Retweet and find out! http://t.co/7kvktS9I #FDCPA #Debt
Yesterday's answer was FALSE. Consolidating loans does simplify your debt payments, but it will take you longer to get out of debt. #Debt
True or False?: Consolidating your loans simplifies your debt payments and gets you out of debt faster. http://t.co/mlZi9IYZ #BeatTheDebt

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