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FYI Sydney @cloudant devs: the Singapore DC (~104ms) is twice as fast as the default US Midwest DC (~233 ms) #speedtest
TTC2014 has just come and gone but it's already time to start on 2015. Thank's again to Tuff Truck Challenge... http://t.co/CGdpAiccBo
Tuff Truck Challenge Australia email deliverability issues (particularly to Microsoft Hotmail) should be a thing... http://t.co/VPvvt0Ff38
Created our first Safari Extension today. Not as easy as Chrome but after all the Apple Dev signup and certificates it's not too different.
While not a direct copy, we think PPQ Personalised Plates Queensland maybe taking some design cues from our work... http://t.co/S0nBJcIpaz
@atmail Nice. We just added a #MoorseCloud Holiday to our Internet of Things toy collection.
We actually let it loose a week ago - but we wanted to test it in the jungle before alerting the masses that it... http://t.co/XpyNcyQcvr
The Tuff Truck Challenge Australia website has been given a fresh lick of painted pixels in time for this years... http://t.co/7JA1K5FeET
Pushed the new Tuff Truck design out to the world: http://t.co/ynRDnasobr Still a bit more polish to go - but usable & better than before
@Telstra We'd be more than happy to give your very public internal systems a UI/UX touch-up.
Last chance to get a Structure Sensor before the $1M+ Kickstarter campaign ends! We're getting one. http://t.co/czXbtw8clm
@anchorsystems Yes thanks. All sorted and the new @washingtonbrown site is now live.
@anchorsystems let's move together: can you action Issue #369060 so @washingtonbrown can move to their new share & make their new site live?
@adobebc - what was the outcome of the Sydney DC migration? No news is good news???
New placeholder site for Syndian Natural Food Products is up as they seek riches in a foreign land:... http://t.co/4DJdhK8L5F
Europe follows trend: nice to see the EU stars work well in the similar format we created for the Ultra4 Racing... http://t.co/OEz3GQ90rN
After 3 years, it's time for the mud to be washed off the Tuff Truck Challenge Australia website design. Starting... http://t.co/t9wEC1W7Dx
Shifted a client from @bluehost to @anchorsystems. Their speed in Sydney can't be beat and their support is like they are all best mates.
Well done on the magazine coverage Ben Duncan and the Atmail team. We knew that red wall would make for some... http://t.co/oAKUzzibmg
Earlier this year RMW Web Publishing showed Top Gear Australia around the 2013 Tuff Truck Challenge Australia.... http://t.co/MWDGSoMkPH

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