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"Subway, is this where I eat fresh?" @Brynn_Music
@Jessiii_Baum Tyler and I share jewelry :P
I'm going to start taking flights Ireland more often just to hear the accents! @tylerwardmusic #tourlife #sincerelyyours
@thekmart7 @tylerwardmusic @jackieeg7 my gift to you: http://t.co/vWXbYPAyX8
@thekmart7 @jackieeg7 @Brynn_Music I'm horrified of snakes. And tambourines. But seriously- I'm know to pass out when I see a snake :/
@dana_corse I'm not your boy.
This song should be required to be on replay 24/7 at any store, public area, etc. Fuck. Sidenote - Residence Inn… http://t.co/53hYW0apy0
RT @jxlevinson: Big thx to @Teddygeiger & @rcamusic for having me on the road. Two real swell fellas.
@dana_corse wtf. I'm not good enough now?
@dana_corse woah. I'm not your TM. Slow your roll
@mattrafal @Teddygeiger stop trying to get me to use twitter! :p
RT @Teddygeiger: Happy 2014! I'm giving fans a chance to win exclusive prizes via social media contests. Details posted each Friday! http:/…
@dana_corse you paint me to be such a bad person.
@dana_corse for the record I hate cats and I hate snakes. The world would be much better without them. And you insist on sending me cat pics
@jonskaggs ugh! I just booked a flight for Teddy w/ Frontier the other day - through their site though.
Finally got around to seeing this. #911memorial #newyork #winter http://t.co/ceJHk3ivTs
Such a sketchy note at the bottom. Aka- if you don't pay up they will make your year miserable. http://t.co/fwOXRTkIPO
@dana_corse that is correct! Spelt. past and past participle of spell.
@dana_corse ughhhhhhh. There. I spelt that one correctly.

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