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Thanks for the fun insight Doc! Have a good night. #im3chat
Dr. Doom! He most def. is a dark matter expert. #im3chat
How does dark matter fit into the equation? #im3chat
What is the fastest speed that's been achieved? Has anyone actually sent a particle even seconds into the future? #im3chat
What about time travel....any actual work being done to develop that idea? I remember how the Flash travel through time. #im3chat
Speaking of implausible, what else would you say falls into that category? #im3chat
So how does the Arc reactor in his chest work? #im3chat
Who wants to bet that Google comes out with a suit next year #im3chat
Point taken..he's a classic. Did anybody see the suit that the guy that jumped from space wore? #im3chat
Why Thor, of course, duh #im3chat
Always wondered why Iron Man went with iron....c'mon why not something else? #im3chat
Incorporating reclaimed wood and distressed pieces into the home- beautiful! http://t.co/i1tns5GUPM
In today's blog we focus on the important topic "Green Building" and how this should be factored into the... http://t.co/mlbvIalUO7
From yesterday's rustic look to this clean country kitchen- inspiration everywhere! http://t.co/42EwnLpTKp
One last look into winter from this walls of this cozy winter cottage. Beautiful photos in the blog http://t.co/380J9IEgqv
Build the house you want and can afford with R&B Builders http://t.co/XTYQbGbSFa #VirginiaBeachBuilders
Contact R&B Builders for your home building questions http://t.co/kyIQNg4LiF #VirginiaBeachBuilders
Interesting color choice- love the hardwood flooring! http://t.co/Ium5XjpZGA
Classic and gorgeous, R&B Builders can help you build a timeless house http://t.co/LZBV6ELdTs #VirginiaBeachBuilders
Learn how you can emulate our North End Virginia Beach home, call R&B Builders today http://t.co/zeeVWg8Hd8 #NorfolkBuilders

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