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Today's Advent Calendar: WWHSD? What Would Hipster Santa Do? Check out the video: https://t.co/inC8Al2W91 |… https://t.co/CzelwIHsvP
Did you know that our event app doubles as a content management system? Here's an FAQ: https://t.co/NlTLDONy9k |… https://t.co/ko1oUlGroe
@GCUCGLOBAL Sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience with us! We're steadily adding new functions with ever… https://t.co/fsrzRPzeiQ
'Twas the night before Christmas And all through the meeting Not an attendee was complaining, Not even about seatin… https://t.co/6CYQ1iIJM3
RT @melissadelmonte: "'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the meeting, not an attendee was complaining, not even about..." Re…
RT @RazzleTazzleMag: QuickMobile Receives Event Tech Live Award for Best Use of Wireless Technology https://t.co/cDamTM3S8r
Do you have questions you want to ask your event app vendors? @Havovie asked, and we answered:… https://t.co/UoDVAG216I
CASE STUDY: How NATUS uses event apps to run annual medical conferences https://t.co/oVUwuXh7ji | #eventprofs… https://t.co/tXgQXvrXQG
BLOG: 15 Ways to Use Beacons to Support the Event Experience https://t.co/KwxvPUO8P1 | #eventprofs #meetingprofs #eventtech
Our 2018 Tech Trends webinar begins in just 2 hours! It's not too late to register: https://t.co/inC8Al2W91 |… https://t.co/s9fceXPpwH
RT @cim_media: #webinar today: The Future of #Mobile #Eventprofs #Technology https://t.co/WnTL58pphf by @QuickMobile
Merry Christmas! Our gift to you: free Starbucks. Check out today's advent calendar to win: https://t.co/inC8Al2W91… https://t.co/8sxGxx760W
Best part of the holidays? Animals in cute sweaters. Check out @melissadelmonte's adorable Pomeranian on our Advent… https://t.co/iWXISXleph
Nowadays everyone uses data visualization to present information. What are the pros and cons, and what do you look… https://t.co/BzcWBpleFy
@mtgnw Thank you! Do you have a favorite item? We have some really funny ones coming up!
Event Tech Ideas #2: Use "speed networking" to help attendees connect! Details in the blog: https://t.co/inC8Al2W91… https://t.co/CQeBelf4je
2018 is coming up quick.. and so is our Tech Trends webinar! Register here for tomorrow: https://t.co/inC8Al2W91 |… https://t.co/KJ92U1I9pF
Today's advent calendar: an invitation to our 2018 Tech Trends webinar on Wednesday! https://t.co/dIlRDUSayd |… https://t.co/nz67i8DgpW
BLOG: How Live Polling Engages Attendees https://t.co/Enk7ZbrLD3 | #eventprofs #meetingprofs #eventtech
Need to know what's need to know about event tech in 2018? Register for our WEDNESDAY WEBINAR:… https://t.co/KVKibCRn5Z

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