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Thank you @sekouandrews for an amazing performance! Loved howling at the moon together. #QBConnect #QBLive http://t.co/KeZhT7FKcz
RT @StacyKildal: .@pmarca "Great CEOs live and breathe their business... As a CEO you swim in your business" #QBConnect
RT @SharonZsoldos: 4 habits of great CEO; can see big pic & details, fix-it mentality,honest across the board, know when to change & when t…
Great CEOs "are honest with their employees and very honest with themselves" says @pmarca #QBConnect #QBLive http://t.co/zqVCAPS55f
"Why do we get out of bed in the morning? Small business success." – @Intuit founder Scott Cook #QBConnect #QBLive http://t.co/FO2xMzQ2Di
RT @jazfun: Whatever It takes to recharge you @ariannahuff @QuickBooks #qbconnect - DISCONNECT the Phone! http://t.co/a18AjclqLn
"I've discovered how liberating it is to realize you can complete a project by dropping it." @ariannahuff #QBConnect http://t.co/UVkUyxw0He
“Purpose & fulfillment—that comes from breaking it, not just making it." - Kevin Cleary, @ClifBar #QBConnect #QBLive http://t.co/zKAl4Tw0wp
RT @cfdonahue: "My business manager said to tell you we love QuickBooks" @MarthaStewart @IntuitBrad #QBConnect http://t.co/7vbgwGQFIi
RT @Intuit: #GirlTalk with @MarthaStewart and @GiulianaRancic means discussing Wall St, mentors, and entrepreneurship #QBConnect http://t.c…
@davidleary @MarthaStewart Agreed.
RT @ptqbconsult: Oh, my! @MarthaStewart just spelled out a curse word on stage. The crowd laughed so hard. #QBConnect Thanks for being ho…
RT @davidleary: I heart @MarthaStewart #QBconnect
"Being an optimist when you are an entrepreneurial soul is extremely important," says @MarthaStewart to @GiulianaRancic #QBConnect #QBLive
What drives @MarthaStewart? "I'm a very curious person." @GiulianaRancic #QBConnnect #QBLive http://t.co/G4Ew722YHM
The awesome @GiulianaRancic talks being true to yourself, taking risks & being "irreverent" #QBConnect #QBLive http://t.co/HZESixfg0h
@BrightBooks We will be ready for you after the main event at 6.
RT @qleapconsult: .@gulianarancic #qbconnect http://t.co/8jB7YercH6
RT @MethodCRM: The beautiful Guiliana Rancic takes the stage. What a great day of speakers & more to come! ^lyn #qbconnect http://t.co/Qb3h…
@BrightBooks Head over to the Intuit booth to learn about a meet and greet with train.

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