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You can be a one-person corporation. In fact, for tax benefits and more, maybe you should be. http://t.co/CmGnRiLqAP
RT @IntuitAccts: We love all of our amazing @QuickBooks #ProAdvisors around the world! Thank you for all you do! http://t.co/raDzX5piXa
Success is watching customers share their joy in your product. @BohemianGuitars http://t.co/IqZfNzr4Ck #OWNIT http://t.co/a0EACGIjmg
Cost of starting may be a barrier, but if there's demand for your product, stick with it. @BohemianGuitars #OWNIT http://t.co/PmfPzCOBwj
We hope. http://t.co/p4NRvdTl2o
.@BohemianGuitars was inspired by musicians from their hometown in South Africa. http://t.co/LfEikmm7cW #OWNIT
Watch brothers Adam and Shaun take @BohemianGuitars from concept to concert! #OWNIT http://t.co/1iC8lMXSFm
.@KerchunkGames wants to know how you stay motivated as you develop new products. #OWNIT http://t.co/GsT3El1Bj7 http://t.co/OCzHVT5w5Y
RT @Kimtuitive: We came. We saw. We #QBConnect-ed. So long, #Boulder! Team @QuickBooks Is homeward bound! @Emily4Intuit http://t.co/wfSMCRw…
Running a business takes a toll, but the result is worth the effort. @KerchunkGames http://t.co/dYeZaBKjLB #OWNIT
A huge thank you from the QuickBooks team to all who joined us for #QBConnect in Boulder today! http://t.co/ecPdh73Q7j
RT @twosolesisters: What a stunning surprise yesterday! Quickbooks Connect and Bill Rancic interviewed us about our business and then... ht…
RT @khartsell: @kevinkirn bringing financial fitness to small businesses #qbconnect http://t.co/ROmLedPqMf
RT @IntuitDev: Is your @QuickBooks app on @IntuitApps yet? Lots of interest in apps from #smallbiz at #qbconnect. http://t.co/767zi4Ffmy
RT @Kimtuitive: What advice does @thelongipie have for other #SmallBiz owners? "Find an #Accountant!" #QBConnect #IntuitLovesAccts http://t…
@thelongipie Thank you so much for joining us, Shauna! Loved hearing your experience and wisdom :)
Shauna hires at-risk youth at @thelongipie. "Something about pie...makes kids feel at home & safe" #QBConnect http://t.co/l8HVzRaIOJ
@Sethdreidelhill Thanks for joining us today, Seth! Stop by the Social Zone booth for a special gift today :)
RT @ronnytey: Everyone is born with just 2 fears: fear of falling & fear of loud noises. Everything else is learned. @BillRancic #QBConnect
The keys to @BillRancic's success? Agility—and "managing risk, respecting risk." #QBConnect http://t.co/wineZliTKC

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