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5 ways your small biz could be using #Skype to improve your bottom line: http://t.co/AF9VuFuOOy
RT @Intuit: Congrats to our Small Business Big Game winner @goldieblox for making @Inc's list of 25 Most Audacious Companies! http://t.co/h…
Michael Kleinmann of @UnderwearExpert says Payments "integrates seamlessly." http://t.co/IO6EPmSk4J #GetPaidFaster http://t.co/Ze7lsl5bSZ
@SteinCanDo Sorry for the trouble, I'm looking into this. I'll let you know what I find. ^Staci
A dose of #feelgood — do you love what you do? http://t.co/GLIlMyhhm7 via @Inc
@MellFeurtado13 That's music to our ears! ^Staci
What's worked for other successful businesses? 13 #growthhacks to learn from: http://t.co/VlNv5zTEzN via @EntMagazine
Social media: It's also a great way for your #smallbiz to assess & keep up with the competition: http://t.co/BRTw5rTpYM
@kevinallgaier Can you email me the issue you are having to QBCares@Intuit.com attention Justin? Thank you. ~JG
@kevinallgaier We're sorry for the long wait times. What can I help you with? ^CB
@kevinallgaier I'm sorry for the bad experience you've had. Is there anything I can help you with? ~JG
@ProAdvisorbook looping in @QuickBooksCA. ~JG
If you're an #entrepreneur (or thinking of becoming one), check out these 14 must-read books: http://t.co/tkHXlRlZcF via @EntMagazine
@alloyedclavicle Thank you! We're glad to hear you like it. Have a great day. ~JG
Check it out! RT @ZDNet QuickBooks updates SMB trends widget http://t.co/pPrTvWBtk1
@AshleyR307 We have a few different options that might fit your needs, give us a call at 18005589558 we help figure out which ones right.^NS
Now customers can just click your invoice to pay — instantly. Find out how to #GetPaidFaster: http://t.co/7dPzvjmpl2 http://t.co/bfliDspRFL
@SteinCanDo I'm sorry to hear of your trouble. Do you get an error message? ^Staci
A serious argument in favor of actually using your vacation time? We'll take it. http://t.co/ukaTaOyb0O
We couldn't agree more with these 5 must-haves for employee engagement. Anything you'd add? http://t.co/3x5ETbgc3d

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