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RT @rachelnabors: On this Nike page, transitions are used to navigate forwards and backwards along a linear continuum of sneakers. https://…
Looks interesting indeed: #remarkable #tablet #paper
A trip through 3D scans of Zurich with music of Niki Reiser.
RT @vicenews: Alex Jones: Master of self-control
RT @kumailn: Can we pick who?
"A film approach to the mime culture" The Shoes - Drifted:
RT @CodePen: "Link's Expressions" by Nathan Gordon
RT @Stranger_Things: Last night's winning team celebrates their big comeback.
Pretty Sweet looping art from Zach Scott at
These extremely detailed 3D models of favorite TV shows are works of art via @mashable
RT @TheRyanParker: @JuddApatow I actually put this together today for THR. Enjoy:
Most of them are well known but still a few new edits "How to tweak wp-config.php to protect your WordPress Site":
RT @APechtold: Ik ben niet van suiker, maar bij deze actie trek ik een streep. Ik hoop velen met mij, van D66ers tot PVVers. Lees ➡ https:/…
Great textures on Robert Rauschenberg: Bed
Learned som new 'hidden' console API commands like console.time and console.assert:
Nice insight in a professional @sketchapp workflow. Designing a #frontend framework:
Portfolio Animation by @charlespattson:
“Coping with Chaos in the White House” — N Ziehl
RT @meyerweb: I’ve been retweeting a lot, and barely saying anything. It’s because others are saying it far better, and I have trouble fin…
RT @openrotterdam: Kieswijzer @VersBeton helpt Rotterdammers bij keuze @woonreferendum @rotterdam @LeefbaarRdam @S…

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