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RT @weareneon: @NEoNHaiku tweet your Haiku and get it screened at @literarydundee #NEoNhaiku
RT @weareneon: @Creative_Dundee @DCAdundee @VADundee @QuarticLlama @FleetCollective @norette @HughesPeg @nilupulcharity @djcad http://t.c…
RT @CuteEmergency: But first, Llama take a selfie http://t.co/jcIrbpKmxi
Video from @aandbscotland about the Digital Innovation award http://t.co/K6bY9yGgmB
@VADundee @ScottJarvie @SoozGordon Thank you for the invite! The discussions were fascinating. Always a pleasure :)
RT @DesigninAction: @VADundee 'both words, love and design, have so many different meanings to many different people' @VADundee #design
I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/7QJwWIji85 Spiderman Cartoon Season 1 Full Episodes Full Movie HD
RT @dematerialise: Theatre meets GPS in location based game that takes players on trail through Dundee | via @QuarticLlama @NTSonline http…
RT @NTS_press: Arts and business partners celebrated at awards - @NTSonline & @QuarticLlama for #Other via @hsnewsbreak http://t.co/wUmR294…
RT @NTSonline: We share @aandbscotland Award for Digital Innovation with pals @QuarticLlama for our game, Other RT @nts_philippa http://t.c…
More snaps from our #abscotlandawards win :D http://t.co/cXdJRPpjjl
Would also like to thank the City of Dundee @chrisjhwilson @VADundee and @AbertayUni who all played there part! #abscotlandawards <3
So proud to win the innovation award at #abscotlandawards love to all who could not make it tonight! @ViewtifulGaz @NTS_pamela @LauraHPearce
RT @nts_philippa: Sneaky shot of the beautiful glowy #abscotlandawards :) @aandbscotland @NTSonline @QuarticLlama #Other http://t.co/GaD8dj…
RT @maltron3D: Ooh just won something shiny!!! Quartic Llama and National Theatre of Scotland winners at the Business… http://t.co/QEIVaO2a…
RT @aandbscotland: Our digital innovation award goes to @QuarticLlama and @NTSonline #ABScotlandawards
RT @scottishgames: @scottishgames: Games Meets Textiles – OUT NOW – Strawberry Thief http://t.co/ljn7n26mWT @SophiaPretoria @V_and_A @Abert…
the team are off to the @aandbscotland #ABScotlandawards tonight! Fingers crossed ;)
@HiddenArmada http://t.co/SfyvezqR91 Arrrr!
RT @chrisjhwilson: Well done @QuarticLlama @NTSonline! >>> Theatre that takes digital gaming to new levels | Herald Scotland http://t.co/0s…

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Independent games development studio making fun and innovative games which feature engaging gameplay, rich narrative and beautiful visuals.
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