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Sorry 2 the qivana people out there. Been really busy & disappeared. Will try 2 fix things on site soon 2 make it more Qivana friendly.
http://qivana-health.com is beginning to branch out from keyword search, Qivana, to health, fitness, beauty, and other related words.
As soon as Google with give Qivana Health a pagerank, that should put us at the top for keyword search Qivana in Google.
Just made it to number 1 on bing and 2nd on yahoo.com for search "qivana". Sign up and be found!
Now you can connect your tweets on Twitter to Qivana Health
Just added http://qivana-health.com to wefollow.com twitter directory under: #qivana #health, #business
Once I get Qivana Health at the top for search "Qivana", I'll start working on other key word/phrase searches based on user input.
http://qivana-health.com now on 1st pg of Google @ #8 for search- "Qivana". Within 2 weeks I'll have it at #2 (unless I can beat qivana.com)
http://qivana-health.com is #2 4 keyword search Qivana on Bing & #2 on yahoo. Sitting at 13 now on Google, but it'll jump when pages r fixed
http://qivana-health.com/forum/ now running. If log in w/ Facebook, refresh page & u'll show up. I Still need 2 fix that, but u'll get in.
Get your myqivana site a little link love and post your url at http://qivana-health.com.
Still can't find me on "Find People" search on twitter. A bit frustrating.
k, this time http://qivana-health.com has been switched. Also decided 2 take out www in url. Hopefully it won't hurt me 2 much 4 2 long.
http://www.qivana-health.com has been switched over (somewhat). There's still a bit to fix, but it's close!
Happy Independence Day from http://www.qivana-health.com
I've updated my username. Hopefully I'll show up in the searches again.
http://www.qivana-health.com is now on the 1st page of Google for keyword search- "Qivana Distributors"
know how I guaranteed 1st pg 4 "qivana" search in 1 mnth on Google? looks like tmrrw. see http://bit.ly/3RSM8g
Wishing I was in bed.
I also want to mention that http://www.qivana-health.com will have a 1st page position on google within one month from now - guaranteed!

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