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congratulations at&t, for giving me the worst service that I've ever had. slow claps to you.
A big thank you to all the lovely people who are saying nice things to me :)
is the new featured seller. Thanks @etsy!
@retrovertigomn tirty five dollar ;)
@MymanMap awesome! Do you want to by supplies or handmade stuff?
Sold! And relisted, Obligatory Owl Item Mask/Necklace
It's cold and raining outside. The fall is coming. Must make more leaf hairclips.
New York, I Love You but you're Bringing Me Down...
@TeenAngster I saw some great tables and chairs at junk in Williamsburg last week
@ARTIBILITY for mask makers, halloween starts early :) I saw christmas ornaments on sale though yesterday, maybe a little early...
Starting my Halloween plans...
New Vintage! Eighties Baby Pink Silk Blazer
Sold! And relisted, spooky chic skull hairclip
New Yorkers! If you are heading to Williamsburg this sat for Renegade, please come see me at artists and fleas on N6th! Bring icecream ;)
RT @artistsandfleas: @PunchDrunkP in any event, make sure to check out our website - your pic leads today's post
New Vintage! Claude Montana eighties pants
This is on the etsy frot page right now! Woopwoop!
I love listening ti iTunes on shuffle. I reminds me of all the great music I own and have forgotten.
I'm in love with this color at the moment

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When I'm not jetting around the world on state visits being busy and important (oh the endless tiresome parties darlings!) I craft for the masses

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