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#RuinAnOldSaying what doesn't kill you makes you stranger #JessicaJones
#JessicaJones Alias Investigations, how can we help?
#RuinAnOldSaying a penny saved isn't worth a dime anymore
#MarathonsICouldFinish ones where the distance is 26.2 feet
@ #Thanksgiving #Supergirl reminds us chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy
#BlackFridayIn3Words way too crowded #StayIn
#Cyborg #roses with tiny electronic circuits could make it possible to tell flowers when to bloom to avoid a frost
Genetically engineered #salmon OK'd by FDA 1st such animal approved for consumption
Internet Marketing Made Easy just take over some spammer's tweet with your own link
#MakeAFilmWayTooCheery Dancing with the Star Wars #TheForceAwakens
#PerfectMomentIn4Words it is already gone
#TitleABiography Who am I & why do I have all these tattoos? #Blindspot
#ThanksgivingIn5Words Psychsoftpc's new #android phone app
looking to get great gaming computers on your #Android phone? we have an #app for that!
#TacoBell is saving its first restaurant from demolition by moving it 45 miles to Taco Bell's HQ in Irvine
#wintrysongs Running Up That Ski Hill
#SportsImGoodAt does computer golf count? I've gotten really good at driving the virtual golf cart
face with tears of joy emoji named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year it was the most heavily used emoji in 2015
#ImALittleWeirdAbout self driving cars ever since I read Sally by Isaac Asimov
#CatchphraseAMovieOrTVshow come with me if you want to Liv and Maddie

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Psychsoftpc makes high performance gaming computers, graphics workstations & Tesla based personal supercomputers in Massachusetts.

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