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#IfAnimalsMadeLaws everyone would drive with their head out the window
#MakeAStraightMovieFunny Snake Cans on a Plane
It's not a #Jedi trainer it's Nokia's #VR #camera #Ozo with 8 lenses & 8 mics on a spherical body to record 360°
Searching on Google now makes it possible for users to see which times of the day are busiest at local businesses
so long #Windows8 don't let the door hit you on the way out hello #Windows10 we are now shipping our PCs with #Windows10 Pro
#NationalChickenWingDay Teressa Bellissimo 1st created chicken wings at the Anchor Bar Buffalo NY in 1964
#HarryPotterAMovie Thor and the Chamber of Secrets
#BatmanDatingProblems girlfriend's place has cat hair everywhere
#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter How much do you get paid per word? $1 Here's a dollar give me a word
#Boston's #Olympic dream is dead evidently it would have actually cost money to host the Olympics Who knew?
#UnexcitingMovies Mission Possible Rouge Nation
Aloha @ShaneVictorino from #RedSoxNation & mahalo from all of us in #Boston
#RuinAWestern Stay Away Shane
Google+ will soon no longer be needed to access or comment on YouTube pigs can now fly
Bugs Bunny 75 & Daffy Ah Pronoun trouble
#motivationmonday Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads
#Pedro #HOF #RedSox A sign of hope of faith of Determination of strength Courage for #DominicanRepublic
.@savvybostonian @twitter @PRDaily another loss of self expression & individuality guess they want everyone to look at the same boring grey
#5wordstomakeitawkward Luke I am your father
in the last episode we found out that #Datak would give his left arm to save #Defiance

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Psychsoftpc makes high performance gaming computers, graphics workstations & Tesla based personal supercomputers in Massachusetts.

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