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@nell Hi Nelly, can you forward the email to our customer service? We are investigating.
@AngeRomanska ProtoShare was offline for about 5 minutes during the update. Expected down-time is always shown on t…
RT @amottaz: Short essay on #ux local optimization:
Thanks for the shout out Aaron!
Thanks for the heads up!
We've added #slack integration to ProtoShare for Google Drive. Share mockups in Slack. @slackhq
@roopemerikukka I know this is a bit late, but thanks for the shout-out!
RT @roopemerikukka: Must recommend: ProtoShare Mockups for Drive. Great tool for mockups and wireframes @ProtoShare
Collaborate better:
@carolinepixels Are you still seeing the issues? Please contact us at so we can troubleshoot. We can't reproduce them
RT @Appseecom: @ProtoShare Hi, we mentioned you in our article as one of the best wireframing tools. Feel free to share :)…
Read about our upcoming release:
@nonsensery @falcorjs Finally got a chance to watch - very cool. Really similar to to our data layer. Will have to dig into falcor.
@nonsensery @falcorjs Cool thanks AJ.
@NimblePartners You should be all set. Greys are back up, and should be functioning fine in your projects.
@NimblePartners Google took them down - we are hoping to roll out a fix/replacement shortly.
@AngeRomanska Err... You're right! These are the modern ui icons by @google which also has no women. We're on it.
"Prototype First, Code Second" by @colejfox on @LinkedIn
@carolinepixels Fantastic. We're glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue. Happy prototyping!

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