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Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!
#EidMubarak wishes for everyone!
A #brand is not just built by those who buy it, but also by those who know about it - #Hegarty #AgencyLife
@stepconference @osuthescot @Velsvoir @CoWreck #StepTech 10 for sure!
@KarimKhafaji Thx for the follow Karim
RT @domingoseraldo: Scientists have found another pyramid in Egypt
Building #brands is like building a #culture in today's world of over flooded mind sets & cliches! Being different is a must!
Hope everyone is enjoying the Friday delights! #StayCreative
@abhi_chatt Hi there!!! Thx for the inquiry, we don't have anything right away but will keep you posted! Cheers!
Thanks “@abhi_chatt: #nowfollowing @PromediaAdvtg”
RT @ComedyDubai: Thank you @PromediaAdvtg @patrickNeuschae and @sameethinks for this amazing poster- you guys rule the world!
RT @HillierRobert: @sameethinks @feyazak @comedydubai @crowneplazaauh @promediaadvtg @patrickneuschae it's very impressive , young man.
“@ComedyDubai: @sameethinks @crowneplazaauh @promediaadvtg @patrickneuschae you guys are geniuses!!” thank you!!
There is no harm in talking big, as long as it is done in a #smart manner! #TheMoreFactor for the #creative success of #brands!
Make your #brand talk #commercial success, but in a #creative style! #TheMoreFactor approach delivers!
@chayman Thx for the follow back Craig!
Hope everyone is enjoying the #Friday delights!!!
@SocialHerwig We are always doing something good!
@VisualArabia Thx for the follow back guys!

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