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#Verificado19S is using user-generated content to fact-check earthquake damage reports around Mexico City https://t.co/rkSUNPa9GA
RT @dpfunke: In Mexico City, @horizontalmx is crowdsourcing to map emergency resources for earthquake victims https://t.co/cA9jA5QEB3 #Veri…
Maybe it's "off the record" or "on background," but they'll jabber https://t.co/feAIXgxb8S https://t.co/HpdUNKk4EZ
Dramatic change for the 101-year-old Pulitzer Prize organization https://t.co/PuUJYExzFV https://t.co/zDB137iU9n
RT @PulitzerPrize: .@DanaCanedy on her plan to “leverage our powerful platform to further support freedom of the press.” Via @Poynter https…
RT @meredithhelline: Back to school this weekend @ @Poynter ⏰📺📚 https://t.co/YS1I3HdnUp
Hill reporters share their insight into Congress' agenda https://t.co/feAIXgfzKi https://t.co/eIpHX0weNg
Drone Journalism ethics should be even more stringent than other journalism ethics. https://t.co/AwcCcj45Ie https://t.co/SNiXLzIzMx
What are your earliest memories of local news? https://t.co/AGrckLjE8w https://t.co/5ZCIf1q06f
Act based on data, not guesswork. Apply by Sept. 29 for our Using Analytics online seminar. https://t.co/akLydQCmLL https://t.co/dvUCMczAiF
Poynter workshops produce new drone journalism ethics policy https://t.co/AwcCcjlGzM https://t.co/aSH6cTuTU9
RT @MelanieNagyCTV: Back in the classroom! First day @Poynter . #StPetersburg #Florida https://t.co/e9RFZIeAf7
Local newsrooms in Philadelphia and beyond get $2 million in grant funding from Lenfest https://t.co/Pe15LSSXCj https://t.co/W2Lx22iBK4
Database offers trove of criminal justice stories with rare, deep look into local data https://t.co/ZTzkzPPeH2 https://t.co/8xadvnBJc2
Changes ahead for Pulitzers? Stay tuned, says new administrator https://t.co/PuUJYExzFV https://t.co/PWteEBpkZm
Waiting for snow day news, first bylines, local anchors... what are your early memories of local news?… https://t.co/IPQzoGvKXG
#ICYMI Can @BuzzFeed expand its audience with a TV-like morning show on Twitter? https://t.co/uS1MA5W5nI
This free tool comes with a well-stocked video library https://t.co/SeGSpND2x8 https://t.co/Ur3bcaiCZL
Is Russian skullduggery lurking everywhere? Not really, says Vice report https://t.co/zdcb2bpq0Y
What are your earliest memories of local news? https://t.co/AGrckL23gY https://t.co/eiQmY5HIC4

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