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New post from Justin The Gryphon Hunters on http://t.co/rVgzSeBzFI: The final high-res of The Gryphon Hunters i... http://t.co/mIfmRC64Zd
New post from Justin Fantastic Naturalist Paintings, and The Hobbit Part 8: The Desolation of Tolkien! I mean,... http://t.co/92o6dmxFvS
New post from Justin Gryphon Hunting: The Painting: A Stone Cold 4'x6' Underpainting!  Since this is a night s... http://t.co/DOtzzmP43u
New post from Justin Gryphon Hunting: So after some time away I am back! (Special thanks to Cory Godbey for ho... http://t.co/zdbTJAzRYr
New post from Justin The Ents Almost Finished...: I have been back to work on the Ents marching on Orthanc!I h... http://t.co/Ssd34Ouapx
New post from Justin Unfinished Business: The Silmarillion: A few years ago I did a number of illustrations fr... http://t.co/A08Am83cdr
New post from Justin Sketchbook 2013 Shipping Out!: Last week I shipped out all the 2013 sketchbook orders!  W... http://t.co/wvunYr1ANv
New from @corygodbey NEW SITE, NEW BLOG: I've had this blog longer than Erin and I have been married. I began ... http://t.co/t7dYnXKdUf
New post from Justin MORZOG! Lord of Destruction: After a week of shameless self-promotion, I am now offering ... http://t.co/b39TpQAoPp
New post from Justin Illuxcon This Weekend: Hey guys! I'm about to head out to Illuxcon to exhibit at the week... http://t.co/mOK74kbWdd
New post from Justin Sketchbook 2013: The Four Dwarves: Sketchbook 2013 is going live today at 11am EST on Ets... http://t.co/gp4panxkrO
New post from Justin Sketchbook 2013 Release Date: Hi Guys!I am going to be releasing Sketchbook 2013: The Fou... http://t.co/fjtvOKr01z
New from @corygodbey TLC Workshop recap!: Behold! At long last a TLC Workshops wrap up. The wonderful Tara Ch... http://t.co/kL5toC0TUB
New post from Justin An Announcement for an Announcement: Hi guys! Quick post today as I am drowning in oil pa... http://t.co/byWtfppniL
New from @corygodbey The Art of Personal Work + 15% off: My course for The Lamp Post Guild, The Art of Pers... http://t.co/cPjaOwAzae
New post from Justin Current Projects Post #2: Color: I am back with my second post on my recent work, which h... http://t.co/O8wkHdeW7P
New from @corygodbey Motivarti, Fall Semester: Hey, I'm very pleased to announce that I'm returning for th... http://t.co/aureybvn2D
New post from Justin Current Projects: I have recently took on 2 private commissions for some larger format oi... http://t.co/eLZfFZP3da
New from @corygodbey Lyrebird - now available!: At long last my 2013 sketchbook, Lyrebird, is now available o... http://t.co/T0yL6ETkk8
New post from Justin TLC Workshop Details: For those of you who have signed up for the Seattle TLCWorkshop Aug... http://t.co/sjW1FEDCnw

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