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RT @Jeffrey_Rohrer: "@oscarisfunny: Ironically, "BR" or Big Red could be a pet name for @Jeffrey_Rohrer" I thought that was what you meant!…
RT @oscarisfunny: Holy crap!!!! I found the last @drinkbigred that @Jeffrey_Rohrer brought us from home...I miss you BR#bigredisthebest htt…
@SasquatchSketch We have all been there!
Check out our tutorial of the laser eye effect used in @SasquatchSketch latest video: http://t.co/5YPdUrjUhl
RT @SasquatchSketch: New Sketch "4 Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend." Special thanks to @PoorBirdieMedia for helping us out! https://t…
@DariousJBritt Cool, thanks! looking forward to keeping up with your videos and learning some indie film stuff!
@DariousJBritt Can you check out this video and let me know what you think? http://t.co/VNHjGMZvBm It was for the 48hr film experience 2013
@DariousJBritt Just watched your 3-act structure video! Great info!
RT @spurs: Spurs fans, we're 30 DAYS away from #SpursOpeningNight! RT if you're excited for the 2014-15 season to tip-off! http://t.co/8Yk3…
@robdyrdek We pranked our Intern and you were involved...sort of please check it out http://t.co/iuzUgnFU6I
RT @oscarisfunny: Shooting an episode of NPNG today were playing @CallofDuty Ghosts follow @PoorBirdieMedia to see it as soon as it comes o…
Check out pyramid head at the poorbirdie booth!! Section A5 :) #AlamoCityComicCon #silenthill
Check out @SeanAstin podcast http://t.co/jLlIP8dCbK he was at comic con supporting a great cause. http://t.co/5RHSkO4VLx
Having a great time a comic con :) #AlamoCityComicCon #superherofamily
The other 4 buttons on sale this weekend at Alamo city comic con! Be sure to stop by and pick some up! http://t.co/egY22eg45s
Comic-con button set 1 is here! http://t.co/snwy8NJR9f
Our new video coincidentally has the same initials as @CollectiveDS! #CDS http://t.co/ZuCsjIdYaW
Did you see last week's episode!? https://t.co/Up88H7M9Go
It will never happen ~ Oscar (@YouTube http://t.co/Y8t6iTWUiK)
You are not the only one! - Jeff (@YouTube http://t.co/Y8t6iTWUiK)

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