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@elizabeth how can I talk to a real customer service person on Twitter? I cant seem to gain new followers and dont know why- need help!
repairing my car-- a broken headgasket! Ack! Too expensive!
Enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving-- not much new to share at the moment---but hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!
really need a new change of environment.... heading out of here
Working on a romance novel... getting ready to transfer out of Shippensburg University to a new college... my car is still in the shop--
Studying German ... Sprechen sie deutch? Heute ist sehr schon! Ich bin sehr hungrich ---off to breakfast!
Long day-- worked and studied ---- at least I wont be bored!
It was so loud last night-- one of the hastles of living off campus! Had to call police to quiet it down .. wish kids could get a clue
Classes start Monday--- back to the grind at the university! Mass is tonight or tomorrow-- not sure which night I'll go..hope it stays cool
corn festival was awesome! bought 10 hand carved wood flowers, a corn festival t-shirt, 2 amish dolls, and a signed book by a local author.
Still hoping to win the Ghost Hunters contest been entering for 2 months now - lol. Had a nice day went to the corn festival here at Ship.
home working--- went to a catholic mass-- wow that was fun! :) Watching tv, waiting for my friend to come visit in a few weeks from FL!
Back home--- i found a cute little black dress at K-Mart for 5 dollars! Can you believe it? Talk about the sale of sales!
Thanks for the followers everyone! Home working, wow its raining BUCKETS here in PA!
Got back from a fun day --- manicure, pedicure, perm; and went to see the movie, "The Time Travellers Wife" ... very good! Home now...
Getting ready for classes at Shippensburg University--- and catching up on alot of paper work, etc.... starting to feel human again--
@Jchawes its probably too late for the t-shirt but rt'ing anway...
I just took "Who Is Your Famous Boyfriend?" and got: robert pattinson! Try it: http://bit.ly/qltS1
I just took "Who is your celeb BFF??" and got: Selena Gomez! Try it: http://bit.ly/3dBDfP

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