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RT @ovibynokia: Something is being built in downtown London! Stay tuned!
@yondemon you can still use Plazes with your Plazes and friends :-) Did you also check out ?
Discover and share good things. Somewhere tasty to eat, or a cool gig happening tonight? (via @ovibynokia)
@peSHIr oh thanks for understanding... We feel your frustration but you will be soon able to see what we've been working on lately.
@peSHIr unfortunately we currently don't have resources that can work on it :-(
@peSHIr to be honest, I don't think this is going to be fixed anytime soon :-)
Plazes Facebook fanpage is now connected to @Plazes twitter stream
@lode @madguy000 yes, ehm, wrong account :-) up and running again
Plazer for iPhone and iPod touch launched!
@krat3r is currently down, please be patient, we are going to fix it as soon as possible
@klischnet please use However a fan of ours is developing a iPhone application...
@superjeans you may actually experience some delays with SMS updater. We will think about your widget idea very soon!
@davidorban it's not up to us to comment on Google Latitude :-) We will see what will happen...
@Ivanico yes of course we are working on new features: you will see something very soon!
@Tortue nope, the problems lie elsewhere. It's not the not wanting :P Anyhow, expect news in a few weeks.
@Tortue it's not entirely up to us, since there are other actors between our software and the AppStore :P Still, there will be a solution.
A smart user has found a workaround for the "Error creating new mutex: 998" Plazer issue on Windows x64: kudos!
@WYPTobias since we launched a minor design update on, put a mobile website online at and.. the best is yet to come.
@Tortue well... we won't promise anything... but at last, there may will be one. In a bit. Not too long, but not tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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