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Are you thirsty for pizza challenge? The Belly Buster from Pizza Party waiting for you. 20" pizza two toppings, one hour and you why wait?
Brandi Chastain B/R Interview: The Most Exciting Players To Watch | Bleacher Report via @bleacherreport
Celebrating your special day! . Pizza Party can help. 408-248-5680
Be sure to sign up for our FREE Loyalty Rewards program. Members get $10 certificate for every $100 spent. Also, family members get a $10
Pizza Party now offers FREE Loyalty Rewards program.
Pizza Party is proud to offer a wonderful place for families and friends to gather while enjoying the best pizza in town!
You need Gluten Free Pizza. Call Pizza Party 408-248-5680 or come to Pizza Party 3581 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara 95051
Pizza Party 3581 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, Ca 95051 - pizza Party
Nighty Special Kids Eat FREE Every night After 5 pm - 12 and under - dine in only One Free Mini Pizza per Child
Dine-in - Take out - Fundraising catering and Delivery ($5 charge)
We cater events for groups of 20 to 500. We offer a wide variety of pizzas, sodas, salads, appetizers and ice creams.
Santa Clara Lock-Up 2010: Lidia Blair: via @addthis
3581 Homestead Rd Santa Clara, Ca 95051 Pizza Party
Come and enjoy a good pizza . At Pizza Party!
Gluten Gluten Free Pizza! At Pizza Party!
Santa Clara Lock-Up 2010: Lidia Blair: via @addthis Please come and bail me out Lidia blair
Don't miss out today Fun Raise at Pizza Party in benefit of the MDA. Eat pizza knowing that your are helping the community. 5-9 pm tonight.
Welcome back Giants! You went believing and came back World Champions! Go Giants!
Santa Clara Lock-Up 2010: Lidia Blair: via @addthis
Come to Pizza Party on Wednesday, November 3rd and together will bring closer to a cure.

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