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RT @joegarden: My Myers Briggs type is IDGAF.
Whatever it is I've misplaced, I can usually find it under my cat.
RT @SunsetMag: 11 ways to fight the drought:
@MissAngelaDavis Power nap!
Whole wheat sourdough sandwich loaves. I used my white flour sourdough starter but the rest of the…
@FresnoBites I haven't had to buy any yet because my cousin @ccatalanello gave us a big bag recently from their tree.
Tomatoes are cool and all but fresh ripe peaches are my favorite thing about summer right now.
@EatRabbitFood I visited with a small group of bloggers from San Diego several years ago. It was wonderful. Enjoy!! @RanchoLaPuerta
@EatRabbitFood Such a great place! @RanchoLaPuerta
Stack of homemade corn tortillas to go with eggs and black beans tonight. If someone could just deliver an avocado...
Huevos rancheros for dinner tonight and it turns out we've had an unintentional #MeatlessMonday.
100% whole spelt sourdough experiment.
Experimenting with 100% whole spelt sourdough bread today. Used excess starter to make spelt waffles for @phillip_x for breakfast. Tasty!
@BobMarchese My husband just started making tea from our fresh spearmint and it is wonderful, especially chilled!
I've been growing fresh mint for years and drinking peppermint tea for years but for some reason had never made tea from my fresh mint. 😳
Great idea!
@DineandDish Good luck! I'm on there but still have no clue how to use it and it makes me feel super old! 😁
Just started up my CSA subscription again and I'm super excited for next week's pickup! More info: @OooobyFresno
I am having some serious fresh tomato cravings today but my plants won't be producing for weeks. Dreaming of bruschetta & insalata caprese.
RT @Stefaniya: New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function #via @ScienceAlert // Holy crap!

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