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Fell in love with this fountain at a little shop at the Coarsegold Historic Village. Wish I could have…
Decided to try cooking some delicata squash slices on the griddle this morning to go with breakfast…
RT @iwearyourshirt: It takes way less time and energy to hit "delete" then it does to write and send something you might regret later.
These "doughnuts" remind me of my first apartment! RT @thekitchn You only need two ingredients to make these:
These are like a cross between chocolate covered raisins and M&M's. So good!!
@rhinoblues I won't even pretend to understand that tweet.
I love living in a place where grilled chicken is a December dinner option.
@thetomatotart You can stop by and cook dinner anytime! ;-)
@thetomatotart chicken breast + rice + vegetables. Usually grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf. That's the menu tonight!
RT @JimGaffigan: "I don't like the apple part." - my 3 year old son eating a caramel apple.
First broccoli harvest.
RT @thekitchn: A visual guide to sugar:
I am currently completely out of olive oil and garlic. This never would have happened in Sicily.
@BethanyClough It's adorable!
RT @kathygori: What's up next: What to do with those Fuyu persimmons. They're a great natural snack if you dehydrate them.…
@kathygori Great idea!
RT @thekitchn: The prettiest way to serve olives at a party:
@BethanyClough That's what I did last night in anticipation of the rain. But now I need to bake some bread! @nlewiscopeland
@nlewiscopeland Absolutely perfect! @BethanyClough @OldTownClovis
This bacon, sweet potato, onion, kale, fried egg breakfast will help Phil stay sane while working…

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