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We don't have any Thanksgiving leftovers to eat so I made Phil this mushroom galette for a surprise…
RT @SarahLeTrent: The best Black Friday deal? Pie for breakfast.
Last pie photo, I promise! Finished decorating the lemon cream and I'm done! I put @phillip_x in…
Last minute pecan pie!
@marianbull Mine was butter leaking out of the crusts onto the bottom of the oven. My pumpkin pies were baked in a smoke bath! ;-)
Natural light is gone, but pies are all done!
@JoJo_Son It has been retired to another room.
It wouldn't be a baking day if the smoke alarm didn't go off.
Pumpkin Pies before baking (the crust design might not survive the oven).
Apple Pie out of the oven, pumpkin pies in.
@Lisellle They can be annoying to work with, but I just love the flavor so much!
Lemon cream pie cooling. Will add the whipped cream tomorrow morning. This is an easy one if anyone…
First apple pie of the season. And first apple pie with my sourdough pâte brisée.
Apple pie time.
First loaves out of the new proofing baskets. One of them turned out pretty nice, the other got…
Bought myself a couple new small oval brotforms for an early birthday present and couldn't wait to try…
"Please don't make me get up."
@BalamQuitze7 I love it! And I do feel better when I'm drinking it regularly.
Straining kefir. I haven't made any for a while so I am happy to see that the kefir grains survived my…
We can't keep up with dropping Pineapple Guavas.

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