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Want to win money without putting any in? Play the PocketTowers cash tournament! http://pickteams.com/#tournaments/
Tower defense on PickTeams. Epic stuff. Check it out at http://bit.ly/Kh2sz
@jmarkiz Hi! Thanks for the shout out!
@jonathanhong Hey there. Thanks for the positive tweet!
GoCrossCampus/PickTeams (@brimer @bhargreaves @equartey) featured today on NPR's Morning Edition! Check it out: http://bit.ly/ggouP
Tower defense on PickTeams. Epic stuff. Check it out at http://pickteams.com/#game:pockettowers
"GoCrossCampus Morphs Into Casual Games Site for Teams" -- http://bit.ly/17q2S2
Are you a Casual Gamer Chick? I am a Casual Gamer Chick. And thus, http://bit.ly/UnuOv
Remember playground games like tag, capture the flag and throwing dog poo at girls? PT on Casual Game Informer: http://bit.ly/5HZOK
"Is that a tower in your pocket, you creep?" Yep, that's the tagline. PocketTowers has arrived! http://pickteams.com
RT: @brimer Say hello to the internet laser world: http://internetlaserworld.com #laserworld
Also: more and better tweets from @PickTeams coming soon. We'll keep you updated on the latest, and chat casual gaming too. :-)
The launch of PocketTowers is imminent! Are you ready? Will be at http://pickteams.com as soon as it launches...
Just finished our new Facebook app! If you like Boggle/Scrabble, try Alphablitz - it's played on teams in real-time: http://bit.ly/kec4
PickTeams/GoCrossCampus (@PickTeams @brimer @bhargreaves @emmanuelquartey) featured today in the Yale Daily News! http://bit.ly/Yale1
Ever play Boggle or Scrabble? If so, you should check out Alphablitz: http://is.gd/oBQ1. You can play on teams with friends in real-time!
GoCrossCampus is now PickTeams! Check out the new site at http://pickteams.com. What do you think? :-)
PickTeams Open BETA: As we announced about two months ago, we've been hard at work on the latest evolution of GX.. http://tinyurl.com/c7hb7k
We just got named one of the "10 Coolest College Startups" by Inc. Magazine. Check it out and vote for GXStudios! http://inc.com/college

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