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@MDLynam We are almost there and plan to open beta testing soon. Sorry it has been taking so long you'll be quite pleased with what we did
@JasonJosephNYC I see you are interested in a text expander for Windows. Are you interested in considering alternatives to Phraseexpress?
@kaspersky My tool is a downloadable software, not a website. Your antivirus is preventing PhraseExpander to detect keystrokes inside Chrome
@kaspersky Your antivirus is blocking our legit text expansion app in Firefox and Chrome. How can we have our tool whitelisted? Thanks.
@kesapli Hi, pricing is per user. DM me with some more info about what you'd need and the best way to get in touch and I'll get back to you.
Don't miss our #CyberMonday sale at 40% off. If you are doing a lot of typing this is the right solution for you…
@confluencepoint If you are considering other text expansion software, we are doing a special Black Friday Sale
The biggest sale of the year is starting in a few hours. Stay tuned. #blackfriday
PhraseExpander 5 is real. Check out what's coming
Thanks for the kind words, Alexandra!
@surfright Our tool PhraseExpander is blocked by your tool. Can you assist in whitelisting it? Please check
PhraseExpander v. has just been released. Contains some important fixes. Upgrade here
@dsturgeo If you are looking for a text expansion software for Windows, please check
@thjanssen123 @vlad_mihalcea Thanks for mentioning us. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
We have a new help center where you can find tutorials and guides. Check it out at
@OreLawPracMgmt Thanks so much for recommending PhraseExpander.
@SellOurBiz Hi. Please check @PhraseExpander at It can do all TextExpander can do and more.
@ishu3101 Kind of. After copying on 1st device, you'd need to sync the 2nd device.
@ishu3101 You can do that by placing your database (PhraseExpander.ipdb file) in a shared location on both computers (use File / Move to)
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Productivity tips from the author of PhraseExpander, text expander for Windows, aimed at M.D., transcriptionists, customer care specialists and power users.

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