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Watching football is only for the strong. Heart is still racing. #HappySunday
RT @PhonicaMagUK: It's time for our £15 iTunes Monday Madness!5pm every Monday we're going to give a £15 iTunes UK voucher to 1 loyal tw ...
RT @PhonicaMagUK: Is thinking…iPhone or Nokia Lumia 800? #help!!
Is writing a message :-)
Book publishing for the masses...kudos iBook Author
Why is my desk always covered with #magazine issues? Arrrgggh
RT @PhonicaMagUK: More Prototype 2 Pictures Leaked!!!
RT @Guillin: #FF @PhonicaMagUK @HighlandMerlin @Aralosseien @OriginalOestrus @_Laughter @Amanda_Lei @Jangasm @jeslarsen
RT @PhonicaMagUK: I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album "Exclusive Prototype 2 Photos"
RT @PhonicaMagUK: The release of Prototype 2 may still be a few months away but we managed to get an inside fix with some exclusive... h ...
RT @PSAccess: We've made #AccessTV a bit easier to find on the PlayStation Store this week. It's under both "Top Picks" and "New this we ...
RT @PhonicaMagUK: China Mobile to launch MVNO in the UK in first quarter 2012
@Nadia_Batson Maybe expresso?
RT @3canal: Listen & Download our latest release Can't Done -3canal2012* by 3canal via #soundcloud
RT @FrugalGaming: New Deal: Far Cry 2 | PC Download £2.49
RT @PhonicaMagUK: Survived the weather today #infinityblade time
except for the howl of the wind outside all is quiet….what's tinkering on your end?
RT @PhonicaMagUK: the first tweet for #2012. Happy New Year Tweeters!!
RT @Nadia_Batson: Focus! Focus! Focus!

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