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RT @lukew: Design is only obvious in retrospect.
Thought provoking piece on @Uber by @wadhwa “Robber Barron or Respectable Innovator”
@kaiworrell hey Kai, are you at the #LSA2014 event?
Panelist @kmsaitow of @CareWire #LSA2014 "Disruption won’t work if it overly disrupts staff workflow”
RT @felixsalmon: We’ve finally reached Peak Startup! cc @pkedrosky
RT @viawest_inc: Congrat’s to @gustavus who was honored for their Lifetime Achievement Award at the @MHTA #TekneAwards
Why Musk Is Building Batteries in the Desert When No One Is Buying
Looking forward to @Mosio ‘s Jay Sachdev’s upcoming presentation on engaging & recruiting patients for clinical trials at #MAGI #mHealth
Great shot of a Formula 1 steering wheel. #f1 #cars #racing
Horrific “@AlexHortonTX: The 43 disappeared students in Mexico were incinerated by a cartel under local gov orders”
Who needs a data scientist when you have @IBMWatson Analytics? Want insights? Must watch video demonstration
Congrats to @NorseCorp on @WSJ $1.9 million DOE contract to give utilities early warning of potential cyberattacks
Nest for Free? Google Takes Mobile Contract Approach With Thermostat #nest #smarthome
@mybasis need your help - my Basis watch is incredibly inconsistent at reading my HR even under at rest conditions.
Privileged to watch the most epic pitching performance in MLB World Series history by #Bumgarner @SFGiants win it all!
@TSevert cool. It's a great game so far.
@barrychubrik sound good - I knew you'd be wearing the jacket
RT @NorseCorp: Activity From Chinese IPs Jumping Between Different IP Addresses #infosec #security
@jowyang you're in the wrong bar;)
RT @MnBizMag: Thank you to our judges!! @DavidAafedt, @MarketingMama, Kevin Nickels, @deethibodeau & @kaiworrell #mnbizhealth

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