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Love the color & placement of these surfboards discovered behind a surf shop in Stinson Beach
RT @doctorow: 3D printed bump keys make short work of high-security locks
RT @markdubya: Jawbone reports on Napa earthquake using user data to show how many people woke up…
@LensCrafters you're very welcome - please give some internal props to the Hillsdale store! I'm seeing clearly:)
Big shout out to @LensCrafters - phenomenal customer service at the Hillsdale San Mateo store. 10+
@alex thanks for the laugh on that tweet - how u been man? Been a long time...
RT @wadhwa: RT @GlennF: Kickstarting 3D-printed empathy. >That's like trying to 3D print common sense
The world needs a .do domain extension. Imagine the possibilities. Cc @Scobleizer @rstephens
@drnic1 You're very welcome - your piece was so spot on. Would enjoy connecting w/u and sharing experiences from the trenches.
RT @HSTpathways: @HSTpathways announces partnership with @CareWire improving #ASC efficiency & enhancing the patient experience…
Great piece: Lessons on How to Survive in Healthcare by @drnic1 #digitalhealth #mhealth #startup
RT @NorseCorp: Threat Thursday: Chinese IP Discovered Targeting Port 8080 #infosec #security
After a day of use - loving @pivotaltracker 's new beta version - huge improvements across the board #agile2014 #leanstartup
Product ppl: pls Join me so we can cut the line to check out Hotjar -- heatmaps, visitor playbacks, etc. #leanstartup
Thanks @pivotaltracker - taking the new beta release out for a spin now
RT @Paul_Sonnier: Charting the Rise of #DigitalHealth on Twitter and LinkedIn…
RT @george_chen: Too complicated to understand? #EbolaOutbreak explained in 1 picture: by @SCMP_News’s @adolfux http…
RT @scifri: We're talking #EbolaOutbreak with Daniel Bausch, Assoc. Professor of Tropical Medicine @TulaneNews. #SciFriLive

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