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@graubart After being very heads down for a while, I'm coming back to life on Twitter - looking forward to interacting more!
@graubart Yeah, we're doing some really cool stuff. It's exciting how @CareWire is able to move key outcome needles - future is bright.
RT @eric_andersen: Awesome. The Periodic Table of Texting spotted at @calacademy >nice!
@graubart just saying hi - it's been too long, hope all is well with you and your Barry!
@mathewi how 'smart' is @Medium ? - was quite surprised that it took me from your link to a personal in 2 hops
RT @johnrmatthews: Twitter's MoPub Rolls Out Native Ads To All Publishers, Includes Direct Sold Inventory
You’re Not Indestructible — Or Indispensable >read @wadhwa 's personal story - it's important #RealityCheck
@pivotaltracker hi guys, any developments on the iOS adding comments / crash issue? I know you're working hard on it - update eld b grt
Does your business need a coach? Great to c my good friend @bethtemple4u spotlighted in this @Forbes piece
Bionic eyes and more…Google's contact lens ambitions #googleglases #mhealth
My Twitter account has been hacked. Please disregard the last couple of tweets. I am changing settings now.
RT @wadhwa: RT @ezraklein: Everything you need to know about economics, in 297 words >Brilliant!
RT @SteveKoss: Will the Robots Kill Us? #singularity #technology #innovation c @wadhwa @jorgebarba @joepine
14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed via @mashable
RT @VentureBeat: Goodbye FuelBand: Nike reportedly fired dozens of its wearables experts by @harrisonweber
@dmlunde glad we're connected on Twitter - hope you're having good weekend Dawn
RT @CareWire: We believe in transparency & passionately empower our customers with our RapidSat product to support uses like this http://t.…
Docs make 12 million outpatient diagnostic errors every year
RT @scottharrison: always inspired hanging out with our local partners, especially our drilling teams. these guys kill it every day ... htt…
Please disregard my last tweet. It was made in error regarding a San Carlos bank robbery.

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Chief Product Officer @Klout, 3x tech startup entrepreneur, founder/CEO of BigCharts (acquired by CBS, dad, husband, amateur classical pianist

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