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@Pancks @maoxian this should make it easy;)
Really? A @kickstarter campaign after a $10M Raise? #mHealth #digitalhealth
.@Uber not thrilled that my black car driver is using his handheld iPhone for GPS and continually looking down at his screen.
@Pancks getting warmer. But no. You will need to guess again;)
@maoxian good try, but no. Not too far off though – getting warmer.
@Pancks nope. They were not at this event. Sorry for the delayed reply Chuck
@TaskRabbit awesome. Thanks
Quick - who can name the make and model of this car? #cars #car #question
@TaskRabbit pls let users filter taskers by time slots available instead of making us check 1 by 1. Thx.
The Decoy Effect - another loophole in our brains that manipulates your buying decisions
Enjoying time at UCLA and attending a great @health_box event bringing entrepreneurs and industry together #digitalhealth #mhealth
Exploding Beethoven: Tempest Sonata Live from Paris Valentina Lisitsa
Picked up the new @Sonos Play 1 a week ago. For an office or bedroom, it's awesome. Most surprising? The bass.
@tsbandito @XFINITY that would be super cool if they wouldn't answer my call;)
Why would @facebook do this experiment when it's well established that emotions *are* contagious amongst groups?
RT @marshallk: Techmeme has done a really good job curating discourse on the Facebook experiment
.@XFINITY tried to sign-in online, you asked my favorite pet's name - after trying EVERY pet I've ever had - all rejected #fail #help
.@XFINITY "Are you moving?" "…Movers Edge program makes it easy." <really?! I just spent 25 minutes on hold & hung up #fail
Fascinating graphic of where Americans are healthy and wealthy or struggling
Google Removes Search Results in Wake of EU Privacy Case / the right to be forgotten...

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