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This is Paragliding
Richard Glatzer, Co-Director of ‘Still Alice,’ Dies at 63
@azeem Thx for adding me to the list. Hope all is well with you and yours.
RT @om: Just walked out of Gigaom for the last time. Thank you everyone. I will miss you all for rest of my life!
Shocked and saddened - just read @gigaom is shutting down. @om @mathewi such class, great journalism & most importantly - trusted.
RT @hnshah: Understand culture with two questions to ask anyone in a company: What are you working on? Why are you working on it? http://t.…
@ropadope I was really impressed by it. You'd love it.
Checking out friend's exclusive, invite only smartphone from China. Amazing build quality.
Check Out Google's Insane Plans for a New Headquarters
RT @IBMWatson: Watson is learning the latest medical data and can access data in seconds to help doctors. http://t.c…
Huge shout out to @sslcorp - best live chat customer service experience ever. Mike - you rock!
RT @gapingvoid: Art transforms healthcare faster & more deeply. When people feel loved, that resonates. #HITsm http:…
Spotted - Lamborghini's still stop me in my tracks. #supercars #design #Racing #BayArea #SanCarlos
RT @NorseCorp: President’s Security Summit Needs to Leverage Input From Private Sector #infosec #security #gov
@Pancks @nest Cool! Chuck, let’s catch up on the phone soon - it’s been way too long!
Are you a @nest fan? I am - checkout other stuff that ties into your Next gadgets
Living Wage Gets Last Word in San Francisco <big picture & economic reality
FDA makes official its hands-off approach to regulating health apps and medical software
RT @om: Dear #GRAMMYs winners, you guys know that record labels are keeping half the streaming revenues & screwing you over?…
RT @TheEconomist: Our #econespresso #quoteoftheday is an absolutely spiffing old English proverb. Get the app http:/…

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