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Press Media for Peter F. Spittler - Peter F. Spittler Discusses Value of Partnerships for Sustainable Develop…
Videos of Peter F. Spittler - Peter F. Spittler on Energy Conservation We recently spoke with Peter F. Spittl…
Videos of Peter F. Spittler
Peter F. Spittler on Leading Social Networks
A Conversation with Peter F. Spittler: via @youtube
An Interview with Peter F. Spittler on Sustainability: via @youtube
Peter F. Spittler on Energy Conservation: via @youtube
Peter F Spittler | Please visit my website:
Peter F Spittler – Great day out with the kids would be a visit to Cleveland Aquarium on the west bank of the Flats.
Peter F Spittler - LEED compliance can extend to the smallest details.
Peter F Spittler | Just posted another article:
Peter F Spittler - Green-building isn’t always high-tech; can mean savings & energy conservation through skylights/shade trees.
Peter F Spittler – take a look at this:
Peter F Spittler – Some of my LEED designed projects: Yankeetown Florida, Flats East Bank Cleveland, Chronicle-Telegram bldg Elyria, OH
Peter F Spittler | Please visit:
Peter F Spittler – Building owners must look beyond construction costs on front end & think about savings realized with energy efficiency...
Peter F Spittler would love to know what you think about:
Peter F Spittler - Sustainable building means a respect for what’s already there.
Peter F Spittler | Just finished writing:
Peter F Spittler – Sustainability looks at the big picture of development.

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Peter F. Spittler has directed the development of a wide variety of projects that include large entertainment centers and facilities throughout the U.S.