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What a waste of grandpa's "special" candy…
#FyreFestival 2.0??
Styles... @Harry_Styles!
.@KimKardashian is "very hands-on" with newborn #ChicagoWest!
.@kScodders is so, so brave!
.@KailLowry had a change of heart!
People who still believe everything @realDonaldTrump says are being driven slowly insane! AMERICA IS IN DANGER, PEO…
Cosmetics and controversy go deep!
RT @ThePerezHilton: Major #NSYNC news! And #BellaThorne kicked out of Sundance! Plus things get super silly and 100% unplanned hilarious du…
Is @bellathorne the new queen of WTF?? Watch to find out!
.@MeghanKEdmonds is leaving #RHOC!
RT @ThePerezHilton: GEEKING OUT over toddler fashion!!! Thank you @LaMinKids!!!
.@ShawnJohnson has every right to be angry! WATCH!
It appears @F1abraham's days on #TeenMomOG are numbered! WATCH!
RT @ThePerezHilton: I try to convince my mom to meditate with me and… watch this video in full HERE:…
.@AnnCurry SLAMS @megynkelly on @TheView! WATCH HERE!
.@jtimberlake has been polarizing lately. How do U feel about him?? Vote here!
RT @ThePerezHilton: What a moron!! DO NOT try this at home! Endangering his safety and that of others!!!
How to disguise poop smells, brought to you by @iamcardib! 😂
.@TiffanyHaddish is an absolute delight! What did we do to deserve her???

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